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W.C.Handy Blues and Perception of Women, Ep. 5 [4/6/2019]

In this episode of Arts Underground, we talk about the life of W.C.Handy, father of blues, with relative Cynthia Handy Quintela who choreographs the show "W.C.Handy Blues: Legacy of Dance and Swan Lake", presented by Alabama Youth Ballet Theater. 

Also, we continue the Perception of Women series (POW!) with our panel of artists and subjects who discuss the sexualization of women and their percieved roles. Specifically, women are sexual beings. It makes people uncomfortable, but is it related to women being sexualized or objectified? Does it have to do with how a woman dresses? Does a woman really have to wear makeup if she wants to be taken seriously?

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Saturday, April 6, 2019

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