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The Great Bluff That Led To A 'Magical' Pill And A Sexual Revolution

Fri, 10/02/2015 - 3:02pm

In the '50s, four people collaborated to create a pill that would allow women to enjoy sex. Jonathan Eig details the history in The Birth of the Pill. Originally broadcast Oct. 7, 2014.

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Riding Rings Around Iran's Censors In 'Jafar Panahi's Taxi'

Fri, 10/02/2015 - 2:19pm

An Iranian director banned from making films skirts the rules again in Jafar Panahi's Taxi.

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Pop Culture Happy Hour: 'Ms. Marvel' And Regrettable Television

Fri, 10/02/2015 - 9:05am

This week's show has Ms. Marvel, terrible television, live show news, and a lot of laughing, not to mention what's making us happy this week.

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How Do You Break Into an Industry While Breaking All the Rules?

Fri, 10/02/2015 - 8:00am

What's in a name? For tech entrepreneur Dame Stephanie Shirley, bidding contracts under the name "Steve" enabled her to launch and grow a freelance software company with a virtually all-female staff.

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What Pushes Us To Work Hard — Even When We Don't Have To?

Fri, 10/02/2015 - 8:00am

Behavioral economist Dan Ariely says we work hard not because we have to, but because we want to. He examines the intrinsic values we need to feel motivated to work.

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How Can A Monotonous Job Be Meaningful?

Fri, 10/02/2015 - 8:00am

Psychologist Barry Schwartz says our current thinking about work focuses too much on paychecks and too little on ways we can find fulfillment — even in jobs many might consider mundane.

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Is The Professional Pecking Order Doing More Harm Than Good?

Fri, 10/02/2015 - 8:00am

Drawing from an experiment with chickens, entrepreneur Margaret Heffernan explains how our cultural obsession with individual success is threatening our potential for collaboration and productivity.

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Live From New York, It's Lorne Michaels

Fri, 10/02/2015 - 7:08am

There are few shows in comedy with the influence of Saturday Night Live, and few producers with the influence of SNL creator Lorne Michaels. The latest season premieres this weekend.

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Grief Is Unpredictable In 'After You'

Fri, 10/02/2015 - 6:03am

Jojo Moyes' followup to her 2012 bestseller Me Before You picks up with heroine Lou, heartbroken after the death of her love Will. Stuck in a bad job and numb with grief, Lou must build a new world.

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In 'The Martian,' Matt Damon Tries To Make It Back From The Red Planet

Fri, 10/02/2015 - 3:57am

Director Ridley Scott's new movie, "The Martian," stars Matt Damon as an astronaut who gets stranded on Mars. He must fend for himself on the Red Planet. Film critic Kenneth Turan has a review.

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Ruling Class And Revolution Clash In Sumptuous 'Indian Summers'

Thu, 10/01/2015 - 4:11pm

While the British gossip over gin and tonics, the Indian streets are brewing with calls for independence. The new 10-part British TV drama has just had its U.S. debut.

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'Taxi': A Banned Filmmaker Works From The Road

Thu, 10/01/2015 - 4:08pm

Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi has continued to make films since being officially barred from doing so. His latest finds him driving a cab, picking up passengers.

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Ridley Scott Finds An Optimistic Space In 'The Martian'

Thu, 10/01/2015 - 4:03pm

Starring Matt Damon as an astronaut stranded on Mars, The Martian retains the humor and ingenuity of Andy Weir's novel, even if Damon's crewmates are a bit too good-looking after months in space.

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An Activist Examined In 'He Named Me Malala'

Thu, 10/01/2015 - 4:03pm

A new documentary follows the well-known young activist who survived being shot, won a Nobel Peace Prize, and still advocates for education for girls.

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Suspense And Emotion Teeter Alongside Each Other In 'The Walk'

Thu, 10/01/2015 - 4:03pm

Aside from a shaky French accent from Joseph Gordon-Levitt, The Walk is pretty compelling once it actually gets to the story of a famous wire walk between the Twin Towers.

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Baltimore Author Discusses 'Living (And Dying) While Black'

Thu, 10/01/2015 - 2:49pm

Author D. Watkins says that crack destroyed his East Baltimore neighborhood, and explains how the real day-to-day of selling drugs is nothing like the movies. His new book is The Beast Side.

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A Broken-Hearted Heroine Picks Up The Pieces In Jojo Moyes' 'After You'

Thu, 10/01/2015 - 2:04pm

Moyes' follow-up to her 2012 novel Me Before You explores the depths of grief and the paths of resilience. Maureen Corrigan calls After You "an affecting [and] entertaining female adventure tale."

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'Tacopedia': A Mouth-Watering Tour Of Mexico's Taco Culture

Thu, 10/01/2015 - 1:01pm

From the smoked marlin tacos of Baja California to the fried flower tacos of Chiapas, Mexico is home to endless interpretations of this essential dish. A new tome documents this vibrant taco cuisine.

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Guest DJ Rita Moreno On Fighting Back And Winning

Thu, 10/01/2015 - 11:03am

The iconic actress and singer joins Alt.Latino to discuss the life of a Latina in Hollywood, as well as what the original West Side Story lyrics said.

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'Six Of Crows' Is A Well-Turned Heist Tale

Thu, 10/01/2015 - 9:03am

Leigh Bardugo's latest invites comparison to Ocean's 11, one of the best heist stories ever told. Critic Jason Sheehan says the teenaged crows seem too mature, but praises the immersive worldbuilding.

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