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Jedidah Isler: What Role Do Supermassive Black Holes Play In The Cosmos?

Fri, 02/09/2018 - 8:26am

Scientists believe at the center of every galaxy is a supermassive black hole. Jedidah Isler describes how gamma ray telescopes have expanded our knowledge of this mysterious aspect of space.

(Image credit: Ryan Lash/TED)

Natasha Hurley-Walker: How Do Radio Telescopes Reveal The Universe We Can't See?

Fri, 02/09/2018 - 8:26am

Natasha Hurley-Walker explains how a new radio telescope helps us "see" without light. She says these telescopes can tell us about millions of galaxies — and maybe even the beginning of time.

(Image credit: Natasha Hurley Walker)

Sara Seager: How Close Are We To Finding Life On Another Planet?

Fri, 02/09/2018 - 8:26am

In our galaxy alone, there are hundreds of billions of planets. And Sara Seager is looking for the perfect one, a "Goldilocks" planet— neither too hot nor too cold— that could support life.

(Image credit: Bret Hartman/TED)

Allan Adams: Can Gravitational Waves Tell Us How The Universe Began?

Fri, 02/09/2018 - 8:26am

In 2015, scientists first detected gravitational waves— ripples in space caused by massive disturbances. Allan Adams says this discovery helps answer some of our biggest questions about the universe.

(Image credit: Bret Hartman/TED)

How To Watch The 2018 Winter Olympics

Thu, 02/08/2018 - 5:45pm

It's time to take stock of your technology: Do you have a digital TV antenna? How about a cable or satellite subscription? We also have a use for your virtual reality headset.

(Image credit: Franck Fife/AFP/Getty Images)

'Atlanta Monster' Podcast Hopes To 'Close The Door' On 1970s Child Murders

Thu, 02/08/2018 - 5:28pm

The true crime series re-examines the killings of 28 young black males. "It was the largest task force ever assembled ... it ended up getting the nation's attention," co-creator Donald Albright says.

(Image credit: Garry Gardiner/AP)

We Have Met The Anomie, And It Is Us: 'Golden Exits'

Thu, 02/08/2018 - 4:01pm

Young, directionless Brooklynites have their lives (slightly) complicated by the arrival of a beautiful young woman (Emily Browning) in Alex Ross Perry's "precociously fretful" new film.

(Image credit: Sony Pictures)

'Fifty Shades Freed' Is Out Of Tricks As It Ties Up Loose Ends

Thu, 02/08/2018 - 4:00pm

'Fifty Shades Freed' is not a good movie. Not because it couldn't be one, but because it's artless, boring and not even particularly sexy.

(Image credit: Doane Gregory/Universal Pictures)

Reviewed: This Year's 5 Oscar-Nominated Live-Action Short Films

Thu, 02/08/2018 - 4:00pm

This year's nominees include a sobering and deeply personal drama about the impact of an infamous lynching and a light farce that probes the divide between psychiatrist and patient.

(Image credit: Kevin Wilson Jr)

Reviewed: This Year's 5 Oscar-Nominated Animated Short Films

Thu, 02/08/2018 - 4:00pm

A plague of frogs, a sentient lost-and-found, a poignant father-son story, a mordant Roald Dahl fairy tale and Kobe Bryant's ode to basketball are up for the animated short film Oscar this year.

(Image credit: Believe Entertainment Group )

A Debut Author Imagines Herself Into Other Lives In 'Asymmetry'

Thu, 02/08/2018 - 3:28pm

Lisa Halliday's new novel is made of stories that seem to have little to do with each other — partly autobiographical, and partly about lives and cultures that are far from her own.

(Image credit: )

Indian Couples Navigate A 'Shifting Sea' Of Love And Marriage

Thu, 02/08/2018 - 1:57pm

PBS Newshour reporter Elizabeth Flock spent nearly a decade following the lives of three couples in Mumbai. She chronicles their stories in The Heart Is a Shifting Sea: Love and Marriage in Mumbai.

(Image credit: Hindustan Times/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

Building A Latino-Muslim Coalition With #TacoTrucksAtEveryMosque

Thu, 02/08/2018 - 10:47am

It's just what it sounds like. Food trucks show up at mosques to hand out free halal tacos after religious services. The goal: to foster unity between two communities facing increasing discrimination.

(Image credit: Rida Hamida)

For February, 3 Swooningly Romantic Reads

Thu, 02/08/2018 - 9:00am

As Valentine's day approaches, we bring you three novels that take ideas of romance far beyond flowers and chocolate — from a wicked wager with a hot rogue to a fake date that turns into real love.

(Image credit: )

'The Line Becomes A River' Chronicles Life In The Border Patrol

Thu, 02/08/2018 - 6:00am

Francisco Cantú's new book about his years in the Border Patrol combines brutal personal reminiscences with detached academic interludes, a dreamlike narrative halfway between memoir and tone poem.

(Image credit: Emily Bogle/NPR)

In True Meta Fashion, These Are Shoes For Your Shoes

Thu, 02/08/2018 - 12:49am

These shoes for shoes latch onto your first pair via Velcro straps. The brand's publicist says they are practical, not just fashion for fashion's sake.

(Image credit: /Courtesy of Sankuanz)

Denis Johnson's Final Collection Of Short Stories Is Published

Wed, 02/07/2018 - 3:22pm

Denis Johnson died of liver cancer last year. Now a final collection of short stories by the National Book Award-winning author has been published posthumously. Johnson's first collection of stories, Jesus' Son attracted a devoted following that includes Philip Roth and Zadie Smith.

Comic Jordan Klepper Assumes An Anti-Fact Persona On 'The Opposition'

Wed, 02/07/2018 - 12:22pm

Klepper delivers satirical commentaries from the point of view of a far-right conspiracy theorist on his Comedy Central show. He says his character "creates his own reality."

(Image credit: Brad Barket/Getty Images for Comedy Central)

'Self-Portrait With Boy' Explores The Narcissistic Ambition That Fuels Success

Wed, 02/07/2018 - 11:54am

An artist's photograph of a young boy's death leads to a terrible dilemma in Rachel Lyon's new novel. Critic Maureen Corrigan calls the book a "striking debut."

(Image credit: Eslah Attar/NPR)

Immortality, Sadness And Drinking With Shakespeare In 'How To Stop Time'

Wed, 02/07/2018 - 6:00am

Matt Haig's new novel isn't exactly about time travel — it's about a slow-aging man who travels through time just by staying alive for centuries. And yes, he meets Shakespeare (who has bad breath).

(Image credit: Viking )




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