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Updated: 57 sec ago

Facebook Allowed Employers To Exclude Women From Job Ads, ACLU Says

1 hour 58 min ago

The complaint, filed Tuesday, says 10 businesses prevented women from receiving employment opportunities on the website. It also accused Facebook of excluding women in its own company.

(Image credit: Noah Berger/AP)

To Raise Interest Rates Or To Leave Them Alone? The Federal Reserve Must Decide

3 hours 2 min ago

As the Federal Reserve considers whether or not to raise interest rates, they have a growing complication to factor in: raising interest rates doesn't seem to have the same effect on the economy that it used to.

Boeing Calls Back Retired Workers To Help Keep Up With Supply Chain

3 hours 2 min ago

Unfinished 737s are stacking up on the tarmac outside of a Boeing plant near Seattle as the supply chain struggles to keep up with demand. The company is calling back retired workers to help finish putting the planes together.

Trump Says China Is Intentionally Attacking His Supporters With Its Retaliatory Tariffs

3 hours 2 min ago

China is retaliating against the latest round of U.S. tariffs, targeting $60 billion worth of American goods, including agricultural products, chemicals and machinery. China will now be imposing penalties on most of the American products that enter the country.

How A Trade War Between The U.S. And China Could Impact Consumers

3 hours 2 min ago

NPR's Ari Shapiro speaks with David French of the National Retail Federation, about how the Trump administration's latest round of tariffs will affect consumers and the prices they pay.

Work Work Work

3 hours 22 min ago

The availability of work — the availability of jobs for people who want a job and even for people who didn't know they want a job — continues expanding.

(Image credit: NPR)

Under Pressure, WeWork Backs Down On Employee Noncompete Requirements

7 hours 37 min ago

Under scrutiny by the New York attorney general, the co-working giant, which has 3,300 U.S. employees, got rid of legal language that restricted where former employees could work.

(Image credit: Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images)

China Sets Tariffs On $60 Billion In U.S. Goods, Retaliating Against U.S. Duties

9 hours 27 min ago

Hours after President Trump announced tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese goods, Beijing responded with its own levies on $60 billion worth of U.S. products.

(Image credit: -/AFP/Getty Images)

Assessing The Potential Impacts Of Trump's New Round Of Tariffs On Chinese Imports

9 hours 49 min ago

Economist David Wessel of the Brookings Institution says that workers in certain industries — like those that depend on steel imports — are "definitely going to feel the pain" of the new tariffs.

White House Adviser Navarro On Why Hit China With More Tariffs

11 hours 53 min ago

The Trump administration is imposing $200 billion in new tariffs on China, which plans to retaliate. Steve Inskeep talks to White House adviser Peter Navarro about the escalating trade war.

Trump Hits China With Another Round Of Import Tariffs

14 hours 36 min ago

With President Trump imposing new tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese goods, China has promised to retaliate. Steve Inskeep talks to Jake Parker of the U.S.-China Business Council about what to expect.

Researchers Explore Gender Disparities In The Art World

14 hours 36 min ago

Researchers studied nearly 2 million art auction sales and found paintings by women fetched less money than paintings by men. Disparities that plague parts of the economy also affect the art world.

Technology Helps Motorists Maneuver In A Natural Disaster

14 hours 36 min ago

When it comes to getting help navigating a natural disaster, there's so much technology available, the options are almost overwhelming. What works?

U.S. Imposes New Tariffs On $200 Billion In Chinese Imports

14 hours 36 min ago

President Trump announced Monday that he is ordering 10 percent tariffs on $200 billion worth of imports from China. It's the latest round of an escalating trade dispute between the two countries.

News Brief: Brett Kavanaugh, Import Tariffs And Syria's Civil War

14 hours 36 min ago

A Senate panel will hear from the woman who's accused the Supreme Court nominee of assaulting her. Trump orders new tariffs on China. A deal is reached to forestall an assault on a Syrian province.

Japanese Billionaire Books First Moonshot Aboard SpaceX's 'Big Falcon Rocket'

16 hours 40 min ago

Yusaku Maezawa would be the first person since 1972 to travel around the moon and the first-ever private citizen to do it. He was introduced at SpaceX headquarters near Los Angeles Monday night.

(Image credit: Chris Carlson/AP)

Trump Announces New Round Of $200 Billion Tariffs On Chinese Imports

Mon, 09/17/2018 - 6:19pm

The president announced a new round of tariffs against Chinese imports — 10 percent duties on $200 billion worth of goods, including hundreds of consumer items. The tariffs go into effect on Sept. 24.

Trump Sets Tariffs On $200 Billion In Imports From China

Mon, 09/17/2018 - 5:36pm

President Trump announced the U.S. will impose 10 percent tariffs on $200 billion worth of imports from China. It's the latest round of an escalating trade dispute between the two countries.

(Image credit: Stephen B. Morton/AP)

Down Clown

Mon, 09/17/2018 - 4:04pm

Clowns and clowning have been suffering from a chronic branding crisis for decades. Can they fix it?

(Image credit: Tricia Manuel)

Meredith Corp. To Sell 'Time' Magazine To Salesforce Founder For $190 Million

Sun, 09/16/2018 - 10:08pm

Almost eight months after Meredith finalized its purchase of Time Inc., the publishing giant says it reached a deal to sell Time magazine to tech billionaire Marc Benioff and his wife Lynne Benioff.

(Image credit: Eric Baradat/AFP via Getty Images)




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