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In Madrid, A Plan To Fight Pollution By Shifting Away From Diesel-Run Cars

Thu, 04/06/2017 - 11:27am

Half of all cars in Europe run on diesel, compared to 3 percent in the U.S. But Madrid has vowed to ban diesel vehicles by 2025, to cut air pollution. Paris and Athens have made similar pledges.

(Image credit: Lauren Frayer for NPR)

In WWI Trenches, Instant Coffee Gave Troops A Much-Needed Boost

Thu, 04/06/2017 - 10:10am

One hundred years ago today, the U.S. entered World War I. American GIs marched into battle armed with one important — and then still-novel — item to give them a jolt of energy and raise morale.

(Image credit: FPG/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Rhino Horns Are Legal To Sell, South African Court Rules

Thu, 04/06/2017 - 9:46am

The decision follows years of legal wrangling over the ban on domestic sales of rhinoceros horn that was enacted in 2009.

(Image credit: Renee Graham/AP)

Activists Plan 'Tax Day' Marches Calling For Release Of Trump's Taxes

Thu, 04/06/2017 - 4:19am

As tax day approaches, Democratic activists are calling on President Trump to release his taxes. On April 15, critics are planning anti-Trump tax marches across the country.

(Image credit: Susan Walsh/AP)

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Chief Responds To Republican Critics

Thu, 04/06/2017 - 4:08am

Republicans spent hours attacking the director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Richard Cordray, at a hearing Wednesday. Cordray talks with Rachel Martin about the agency's role.

Companies Outline Ideas For Trump's Border Wall

Thu, 04/06/2017 - 4:08am

The Trump administration has accepted design proposals for the wall the president wants to build along the 2,000 mile long border with Mexico. Some companies have radically different ideas.

Supreme Court's Decision About Printer Cartridges Could Have Big Consequences

Thu, 04/06/2017 - 4:08am

A case about reselling printer cartridges has landed in front of the Supreme Court. The Court's decision could have big implications for a whole slew of consumer products, from computers to cars.

Amazon To Refund Millions In Unauthorized In-App Purchases

Thu, 04/06/2017 - 4:08am

The Federal Trade Commission sued Amazon and other companies after children racked up millions of dollars of in-app purchases without their parents' knowledge. The FTC and Amazon have dropped appeals.

Looking At U.S.-China Trade As Trump Meets Xi

Thu, 04/06/2017 - 4:08am

As President Trump meets with China's President Xi Jinping, former U.S. trade negotiator Charles Freeman tells Rachel Martin that Trump may not take the hard line his campaign rhetoric suggested.

Legal Marijuana Advocates Are Uneasy With Sessions' Stance

Thu, 04/06/2017 - 4:08am

Drug legalization advocates and former prosecutors are watching the Justice Department to see how it shifts emphasis on marijuana prosecutions. Attorney General Sessions takes a hard line on the drug.

(Image credit: Carolyn Kaster/AP)

Feds Raid Suspected $50M Visa Fraud Ring Near Los Angeles

Wed, 04/05/2017 - 5:39pm

The FBI alleges the business represented Chinese nationals under a program that awards green cards for investing a half-million dollars in job-creating projects. But the projects were never built.

(Image credit: Richard Vogel/AP)

PHOTOS: The Many Possible Shapes Of Trump's Border Wall

Wed, 04/05/2017 - 5:22pm

The bidding period has closed for the companies hoping to design and deliver the president's signature campaign promise. Here's a glimpse of some proposals — from wire mesh to 30-foot pipe organs.

(Image credit: Courtesy of Otra Nation)

After Uproar, Pepsi Halts Rollout Of Controversial Protest-Themed Ad

Wed, 04/05/2017 - 4:36pm

Pepsi said it was trying to project a message of unity with its ad set at a protest, starring Kendall Jenner. But on Wednesday the company apologized, saying it had missed the mark.

(Image credit: Pepsi/Screenshot by NPR)

Cherry Coke In China Now Served With A Warren Buffett Smile

Wed, 04/05/2017 - 3:38pm

The billionaire's visage temporarily graces cans of Cherry Coke, newly launched in China. Buffett, a Coke shareholder, is apparently quite popular there — and he's famously fond of Cherry Coke.

(Image credit: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Head Of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Faces Lawmakers This Week

Wed, 04/05/2017 - 3:33pm

The head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Richard Cordray faces lawmakers for his semi-annual report to Congress at a time when some Republicans want him replaced and the CFPB restructured.

Episode 531: The Tough, The Sweet, The Nosy

Wed, 04/05/2017 - 2:28pm

The tricks and mind games tax collectors use to get people to pay up.

(Image credit: aluxum/Getty Images)

How Driverless Vehicles Could Harm Professional Drivers Of Color

Wed, 04/05/2017 - 1:36pm

African-American professional drivers earn a median annual wage nearly $2,500 higher than in non-driving jobs. For Hispanic drivers it's a $5,800 premium, and Native American drivers earn $2,000 more.

(Image credit: Courtesy of Starsky Robotics)

Once An Alternative To Mainstream TV, YouTube Now Offers Just That With New Service

Wed, 04/05/2017 - 12:20pm

With its streaming TV service launching Wednesday, YouTube joins a crowded field. But it offers several features the others don't.

(Image credit: YouTube)

The Race To Fish Slows Down. Why That's Good For Fish, Fishermen And Diners

Wed, 04/05/2017 - 12:17pm

Catch shares allot fishermen a portion of the catch in advance, in hopes of keeping them from racing each other to sea, sometimes in risky climes. They're controversial. They also work, a study finds.

(Image credit: Courtesy of John Rae)




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