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Farm Fresh? Natural? Eggs Not Always What They're Cracked Up To Be

Tue, 12/23/2014 - 9:56am

Egg cartons these days are often plastered with an array of terms that can confuse and even mislead consumers. Here's a glossary of carton jargon for the wannabe informed egg buyer.

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Orangutan Declared To Have Basic Legal Rights In Argentina

Tue, 12/23/2014 - 7:28am

A Buenos Aires judge ruled in favor of advocates who are calling for more freedom for Sandra, a 28-year-old orangutan who was born in a zoo.

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Baby Thrives Once 3D-Printed Windpipe Helps Him Breathe

Tue, 12/23/2014 - 2:29am

Michigan doctors used 3D printing to custom make a splint to prop open Garrett Peterson's defective windpipe last January. He's home with his parents this Christmas, as "normal life" begins.

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What Motivates People To Give?

Mon, 12/22/2014 - 3:22pm

The holiday season is a big time of year for charitable giving. Host Audie Cornish speaks with NPR's Shankar Vedantam about a study that says portion of charitable giving is driven by social pressure.

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When Humans Quit Hunting And Gathering, Their Bones Got Wimpy

Mon, 12/22/2014 - 2:03pm

Humans have lighter bones than other primates, and that change happened a lot later than anthropologists had thought. Blame our sedentary ways after our ancestors took up farming.

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In The Deep Ocean, Ghostfish Breaks Records

Sun, 12/21/2014 - 7:15am

NPR's Rachel Martin takes a moment to talk about a new fish discovered in one of the deepest places on Earth.

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Staff Picks: An Evangelical Christian Who Believes In Climate Change

Sun, 12/21/2014 - 7:15am

Weekend Edition staff have been picking their favorite interviews from 2014. Editor Natalie Winston talks with NPR's Rachel Martin about an interview with an evangelical Christian climate scientist.

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In Wineries Vs. Weather, Drones To The Rescue?

Sat, 12/20/2014 - 8:17pm

Rising temperatures have hastened harvest dates in Sonoma County — and they're changing grape-growing patterns around the world. Vineyards are responding with everything from sunscreen to sensors.

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Want To Enhance The Flavor Of Your Food? Put On The Right Music

Sat, 12/20/2014 - 5:24pm

Researchers at the University of Oxford have discovered a link between what you taste and what you hear.

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A Snail So Hardcore It's Named After A Punk Rocker

Sat, 12/20/2014 - 8:13am

Inspired by the snails' spiky shells and acid-loving nature, researchers named the new species Alviconcha strummeri, after Clash frontman Joe Strummer.

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3-D Scanning Sonar Brings Light To Deep Ocean Shipwrecks

Sat, 12/20/2014 - 6:33am

In the San Francisco Bay, researchers are using new technology to investigate shipwrecks. NPR's Scott Simon speaks with James Delgado, director of Maritime Heritage at NOAA, about what they've found.

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New EPA Standards Label Toxic Coal Ash Non-Hazardous

Fri, 12/19/2014 - 3:50pm

Environmental groups had sought to have coal ash, a byproduct of coal-fired power plants, regulated as hazardous waste.

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At Last, I Meet My Microbes

Fri, 12/19/2014 - 1:00pm

At 31, a woman had the bacteria in her gut catalogued as part of scientific project that aims to characterize the creatures that live inside us and affect our health. Here's what she found out.

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How Peppermint Tricks Us Into Feeling (Deliciously) Cold

Fri, 12/19/2014 - 10:59am

We have the chemical menthol to thank for the wonderful mouth-feel of peppermint. Scientists now know that menthol fools the brain by activating receptors involved with sensing cold.

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Playlist: Science!

Fri, 12/19/2014 - 8:49am

From monkeys to microbes, TED speakers in this playlist cover all different realms of the scientific world.

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Why Aren't We More Compassionate?

Fri, 12/19/2014 - 8:34am

Psychologist Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence, examines why we aren't more compassionate more of the time.

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Are We Wired To Be Compassionate?

Fri, 12/19/2014 - 8:34am

Author Robert Wright says humans are not only wired to be compassionate but we have evolved to feel compassion out of self-interest.

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7 Miles Beneath The Sea's Surface: Who Goes There?

Fri, 12/19/2014 - 3:02am

Marine scientists plumbing the deepest part of the ocean sent microphones and collection probes baited with chicken to the bottom of a trench near Guam. Now they watch, wait ... and listen.

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Once Written Off, Kepler Telescope Finds New Planet

Thu, 12/18/2014 - 7:05pm

The Kepler space telescope, which cost some $600 million, was feared to be at the end of its useful life in 2013. But NASA says it just found another exoplanet.

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What The Change In U.S.-Cuba Relations Might Mean For Food

Thu, 12/18/2014 - 4:06pm

The decision to normalize relations is driving all kinds of speculation about American food companies opening up shop in Cuba. But analysts say: Don't expect to see McDonald's there anytime soon.

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