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Gas Company Understated Benzene Exposure From California Leak

Fri, 01/15/2016 - 1:10pm

SoCalGas wrote about two air samples with high levels of the carcinogen — but not about 12 others, the AP reports. And the LA Times writes that efforts to cap the well appear to have destabilized it.

U.S. Announces Moratorium On New Coal Leases On Federal Lands

Fri, 01/15/2016 - 8:40am

The change won't affect existing leases — which generated nearly $1.3 billion for the federal government's coal program last year.

Environmentalists Say 'Threatened' Status For Bats Not Enough

Thu, 01/14/2016 - 3:46pm

Northern long-eared bats were listed as a "threatened" species this week after being ravaged by a disease that has killed millions of bats. Some environmentalists say the protection is not enough.

Adding 'Beauty And Joy' To Obama's Push For Computer Science Teaching

Thu, 01/14/2016 - 3:00pm

Fewer than 10 percent of America's high schools offer computer science classes. Educators say just adding courses isn't enough — it will take teachers who inspire.

Record-Busting Star Explosion Baffles Sky Watchers

Thu, 01/14/2016 - 1:01pm

It's 200 times more powerful than a typical supernova and 570 billion times brighter than our sun. First spotted in June, this stellar monster is wowing astronomers, who wonder what's at its heart.

Researchers Probe Stereotype: Christians And Science Don't Get A Long

Thu, 01/14/2016 - 4:07am

Do stereotypes about religious people undermine their performance in certain tests? Studies have found Christians tend to underperform non-Christians when it comes to tests of logical ability.

Average Age Of First-Time Moms Keeps Climbing In The U.S.

Wed, 01/13/2016 - 11:03pm

A national survey finds that U.S. mothers are having their first child later than ever — it's a 45-year trend. The big reason seems to be a steady drop in the number of teen moms.

Illustrating Diet Advice Is Hard. Here's How USDA Has Tried To Do It

Wed, 01/13/2016 - 1:05pm

The USDA has been doling out nutrition advice since 1894. As the science changed, so did the government's efforts to visualize its best advice – sometimes, with amusing results to our modern eyes.

Aleutian Quake Zone Could Shoot Big Tsunamis To Hawaii, California

Tue, 01/12/2016 - 6:08pm

Tension is building along a major fault in the seabed off Alaska's coast, research shows. Devastating tsunamis from sudden slips in certain sections could directly hit Hawaii and central California.

Everyday Life In A Bronze Age Village Emerges In U.K. Excavation

Tue, 01/12/2016 - 3:48pm

Archaeologists have found well-preserved houses, textiles, tools, and even pots of food. They say a fire had destroyed the settlement. The people had to leave everything behind.

Why David Bowie Was Right About The Spiders On Mars

Tue, 01/12/2016 - 3:25pm

David Bowie sang it right; there are spiders on Mars. "Spiders" are the name for a geological formation on the planet's surface.

Environmental Agencies Reject VW's Plan For Recall Over Emissions

Tue, 01/12/2016 - 1:03pm

The EPA says Volkswagen is responsible for nearly 600,000 diesel-powered vehicles that are now producing harmful air pollution in the U.S.

Our Favorite Banana May Be Doomed. Can New Varieties Replace It?

Mon, 01/11/2016 - 2:50pm

The Cavendish banana and other beloved varieties are threatened by a fungus that's spreading around the world. Scientists are trying to find new varieties that will be resistant to the disease.

A Hardier Honeybee That Fights Back By Biting Back

Mon, 01/11/2016 - 12:39pm

The parasitic varroa mite has been wiping out honeybee colonies globally since the late '80s. Now scientists and beekeepers have teamed up to selectively breed bees with a unique, mite-fighting trait.




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