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Updated: 1 hour 27 min ago

The Taming Of The Brew: How Sour Beer Is Driving A Microbial Gold Rush

Mon, 10/02/2017 - 9:03am

As the popularity of sour beers burgeons in America, scientists are going back to the drawing board in a quest to discover the perfect mix of new brewing microbes.

(Image credit: Matt Bochman, Indiana University)

For Children With Severe Anxiety, Drugs Plus Therapy Help Best

Mon, 10/02/2017 - 8:01am

Children and teens with severe anxiety benefit most from both psychotherapy and medication, a study finds. But it can be hard for families to find and pay for high-quality therapy.

(Image credit: John Holcroft/Getty Images)

Nobel Prize In Medicine Is Awarded To 3 Americans For Work On Circadian Rhythm

Mon, 10/02/2017 - 4:39am

Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael W. Young share the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for their discoveries about how internal clocks govern human biology.

(Image credit: Jonathan Nackstrand/AFP/Getty Images)

Elon Musk Lays Out His Mars Colony Plans

Sun, 10/01/2017 - 7:08am

Billionaire inventor Elon Musk said his company SpaceX is developing a Mars rocket that will be ready to launch in 2022. We look at how realistic that plan is.

Winter Is Coming. What If Roads And Runways Could De-Ice Themselves?

Sun, 10/01/2017 - 7:02am

Researchers are looking for alternatives to salt or harmful chemicals, including using concrete that can safely conduct electricity and heat road surfaces to keep them clear of ice and snow.

(Image credit: University of Nebraska-Lincoln University Communications)

The Voyager Golden Record Finally Finds An Earthly Audience

Sat, 09/30/2017 - 5:40pm

For 40 years, the record's interstellar message to extraterrestrials remained mostly unheard by human audiences — until a Kickstarter campaign brought a new vinyl box set to the public.

(Image credit: NASA/Getty Images)

What Would Aliens Make Of NASA's Voyager?

Sat, 09/30/2017 - 7:08am

Forty years ago, NASA sent two spacecraft into space with images and recordings from Earth. To test whether aliens would be able to hear them, scientists ran the messages by animals, as proxies.

Flee A Cataclysm, Or Cling To A Doomed Home? Why People Stay May Surprise You

Sat, 09/30/2017 - 6:00am

"You must leave now," thousands of Americans from Puerto Rico to Oregon to Florida, Montana, Texas and beyond were told, as floods, fire and wind threatened their lives. Some said no.

(Image credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Animals, Plants Rafted Across The Pacific After Japan's 2011 Earthquake

Fri, 09/29/2017 - 4:17pm

NPR's Ailsa Chang talks with Greg Ruiz, a marine ecologist at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, about nearly 300 Japanese marine coastal species that traveled across the Pacific Ocean.

Can Consciousness In Brain-Injured Patients Be Restored?

Fri, 09/29/2017 - 4:01pm

Facing unresponsive brain-injury victims is a real-world example of the fact that we are locked out of the minds of others — but new research shows promise in restoring consciousness, says Alva Noë.

(Image credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

An Absent EPA Climate Report, And A Tale Of Two Flooded Superfund Sites

Fri, 09/29/2017 - 2:16pm

A 2014 EPA climate report warned that Superfund site cleanup and monitoring processes needed updates to prepare for more severe floods. That report is no longer located on the current agency website.

(Image credit: Jason Dearen/AP)

The Pitfalls Of Social Media Advertising

Fri, 09/29/2017 - 4:02am

Many companies are investing money in social media to advertise new products. But they could be paying a hidden price for those ads.

Breakthrough Pain Treatment Or Snake Oil? You Decide.

Thu, 09/28/2017 - 3:54pm

A painkiller cream is based on sound scientific reasoning, but hasn't undergone tests to prove it works. You can buy it on the Internet, but should you?

(Image credit: Dola Sun for NPR)

A Failure Of Intelligence Testing, With Chimpanzees

Thu, 09/28/2017 - 8:32am

Apes' intelligence tests vary so much from kids' that comparative results may be invalid. Anthropologist Barbara J. King conveys new insights from psychology.

(Image credit: Guenterguni/Getty Images)

Gravitational Wave Detector In Italy Saw Wave Pass Through Earth In August

Wed, 09/27/2017 - 3:37pm

The wave was generated by the merging of two spinning black holes, and took nearly 2 billion years to reach Earth. It is the fourth gravitational wave detection announced so far.

When Two Black Holes Dance, Space Quivers

Wed, 09/27/2017 - 9:10am

Just as two kids jumping on a trampoline around each other send waves rippling outwards on the fabric, black holes distort space as they orbit around each other, says astrophysicist Marcelo Gleiser.

(Image credit: C. Henze/NASA)

Debt-Laden FEMA Is Slow To Act On Program That Buys Flooded Houses

Wed, 09/27/2017 - 6:32am

With the help of federal flood insurance, many homeowners will rebuild after disasters. Some properties already have flooded many times. It'd be cheaper to buy owners out, but that's not happening.

Guggenheim Pulls Animal Art From Upcoming Chinese Exhibition

Tue, 09/26/2017 - 3:29pm

The Guggenheim Museum in New York City announced late Monday night that it would be withdrawing three works from an upcoming exhibition of contemporary Chinese art over protests from animal rights groups.

U.K. Researchers Look To Revive Forgotten English Words

Tue, 09/26/2017 - 3:29pm

Researchers at University of York in the United Kingdom have uncovered 30 words they think need to be used more regularly in the English language, including nickum — a cheating, dishonest person. Lead linguist Dominic Watt runs through the list.

Australia Says It Is Launching Its Own Space Agency

Tue, 09/26/2017 - 12:43pm

Scientists and opposition politicians say Australia is lagging behind in the space industry. The country has been involved in the field for decades and was one of the first to launch a satellite.

(Image credit: Japan Meteorological Agency/Getty Images)




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