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Democrats Go To Polls In Kentucky, Oregon Primaries

Tue, 05/17/2016 - 3:26pm

As the Democratic race goes on, voters in Kentucky and Oregon have their say in primaries Tuesday. Both states could be favorable for Sen. Bernie Sanders to extend a win streak against Hillary Clinton.

4 Things To Know About Hillary Clinton's Approach To Foreign Policy

Tue, 05/17/2016 - 9:47am

As secretary of state under President Obama, Hillary Clinton has a long foreign policy record. She is hawkish compared to other Democrats, but also knows the political price of military intervention.

Ratings Gold? Fox To Air Megyn Kelly's Interview With Trump Tonight

Tue, 05/17/2016 - 4:03am

Donald Trump has publicly attacked Megyn Kelly, a rising star at Fox News, for months. Mary Louise Kelly talks to Tucker Carlson of the Daily Caller and co-host of Fox & Friends Weekend for a preview.

CDC Waits For Congress To Approve Emergency Funds To Combat Zika

Tue, 05/17/2016 - 4:03am

The Senate is set to vote Tuesday on a deal to provide more than $1 billion to battle Zika. Mary Louise Kelly talks to Tom Frieden, director of the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention.

When It Comes To Economic Election Prediction Models, It's A Mixed Bag

Tue, 05/17/2016 - 3:26am

Under a Moody's model, Hillary Clinton beats Donald Trump. The oldest model picks the GOP nominee to win, though it may be proved wrong, its creator says, because Trump is so outside the mainstream.

Native American Foster Parents Fight For Access To Federal Funding

Mon, 05/16/2016 - 3:24pm

Imagine trying to raise a child with just $159 a week. For foster parents on one Native American reservation in southern Arizona, that's all the money the tribe can afford. But leaders have plans to double that soon, if they can gain access to a large source of federal funding.

Despite Dismal Odds, Bernie Sanders Supporters Keep On Fighting

Mon, 05/16/2016 - 3:24pm

Bernie Sanders supporters are pulling out all the stops in California, hoping a win there might take him further down what continues to be a very narrow path to the Democratic presidential nomination. But even some of his strongest supporters admit, he probably won't be the nominee. But that doesn't mean they won't keep fighting for Sanders, as long as they possibly can.

Obama Awards Medal Of Valor To 13 Police Officers

Mon, 05/16/2016 - 3:24pm

President Obama on Monday awarded the Medal of Valor to 13 police officers for their exceptional courage.

Millennials Now Rival Boomers As A Political Force, But Will They Actually Vote?

Mon, 05/16/2016 - 1:40pm

The number of eligible millennial voters is now roughly on par with the number of eligible Baby Boomers. But, that potential has not translated into concrete votes yet.

Women Look To Make History In 2016 Senate Races

Mon, 05/16/2016 - 7:00am

Democrats believe a perfect storm of the first female presidential nominee coupled with Donald Trump as a foil will help them take back the Senate with female challengers.

This week In Politics

Mon, 05/16/2016 - 4:07am

Kentucky Democrats vote in their primary on Tuesday. Oregon also holds a primary. Mary Louise Kelly talks to columnist and commentator Cokie Roberts and Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker.

Debate Rages Over 28 Pages In Sept. 11 Report Still Classified

Mon, 05/16/2016 - 4:07am

Parts of a congressional inquiry into the Sept. 11 attacks, which deal with foreign financing of the hijackers, remain classified — spurring speculation those pages cast Saudi Arabia in a bad light.

Many Evangelicals Are In 'An Awkward Place' With Trump Atop GOP

Mon, 05/16/2016 - 2:59am

Donald Trump's popularity with self-described evangelical Christians fades among those who attend church regularly. "The true evangelical," says an Iowa pastor, is in "a quandary, a dilemma."

Without Naming Him, Obama Takes Aim At Trump During Rutgers Commencement

Sun, 05/15/2016 - 3:05pm

"Ignorance is not a virtue," the president told Rutgers University graduates, in an apparent critique of Donald Trump. He called for embracing an interconnected world over building walls.

A Portrait Of The President, One Commencement Speech At A Time

Sun, 05/15/2016 - 4:38am

Graduations are always milestones for the students. This year they're a milestone for the president, too, as he begins to look towards his own graduation from the Oval Office.

Donald Trump Is About To Start Getting Intelligence Briefings

Sun, 05/15/2016 - 4:18am

When it's obvious who the nominees will be, presidential candidates get intelligence briefings. That's about to start.

Barbershop: Bathroom Laws, Women In The Workplace And High Heels

Sat, 05/14/2016 - 4:08pm

Political blogger Dru Ealons, columnist Gayle Trotter, and author Josh Levs discuss controversy over transgender rights, working as a single mother, and wearing what you want at work.

Fact Checkers Gain Importance In Brazil's Muddled Media Landscape

Sat, 05/14/2016 - 4:08pm

As Brazil's political crisis unfolds, many Brazilians say they can't trust the "sensationalist" media, and researchers found many news articles are fake. Enter a new website, To The Facts.

Is The Latest Attention Being Paid To Trump Taking Scrutiny Away From Clinton?

Sat, 05/14/2016 - 6:45am

Scott Simon asks Los Angeles Times columnist Doyle McManus whether Trump's campaign will be damaged by an old audio recording and if new allegations about the Clinton Foundation will hurt Clinton.

Trump's 'America First' Foreign Policy As A Strategy To Pursue National Interests Over Values

Sat, 05/14/2016 - 6:45am

NPR's Scott Simon talks with former ambassador Richard Burt about about what a nationalist foreign policy looks like and whether Donald Trump is channeling a shift in perspective on foreign policy.




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