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Updated: 1 hour 58 min ago

Donald Trump Unveils Plan To Cut Taxes For Millions

Mon, 09/28/2015 - 3:15pm

Trump's plan would lower the tax rate for businesses to 15 percent. Single people making less that $25,000 and married couples earning less than $50,000 would not pay any federal income tax.

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Obama At U.N. Vows To Work With Russia, Iran To Resolve Syrian Confict

Mon, 09/28/2015 - 3:15pm

President Obama vowed to work with Russia and Iran to resolve the Syrian conflict at the United Nations General Assembly Monday, but he insisted there's no place for Bashar al-Assad.

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Senator Wants Names of Red Cross Officials Who Did Not Cooperate with Inquiry

Mon, 09/28/2015 - 3:08pm

Sen. Chuck Grassley has sent a letter to government investigators that also asks for a list of documents and information the charity failed to provide.

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Kevin McCarthy Officially Running For House Speaker

Mon, 09/28/2015 - 3:03pm

Kevin McCarthy, No. 2 in the House, as expected has officially declared he is running to replace John Boehner as speaker. Boehner announced Friday he is resigning at the end of October.

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Lots Of Candidates Want To Simplify The Tax Code. Here's What They Get Wrong

Mon, 09/28/2015 - 9:52am

Lots of politicians, Democrat and Republican, want to cut the number of brackets in the name of simplification. Here's what's wrong with that argument.

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At U.N. Address, Obama Offers Impassioned Defense Of Democracy, Diplomacy

Mon, 09/28/2015 - 8:55am

In front of the United Nations General Assembly, Obama was blunt. Speaking to Russia he said: "We cannot stand by when the sovereignty and territorial integrity of a nation is flagrantly violated."

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Cokie Roberts Analyzes A Dramatic Week In Politics

Mon, 09/28/2015 - 4:45am

Cokie Roberts offers her take on John Boehner's abrupt resignation as House speaker and what it will mean for Congress in the days to come.

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Amid Tensions, Obama And Putin To Meet At The U.N.

Mon, 09/28/2015 - 4:28am

President Obama meets Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly on Monday. The meeting comes as Russia has been more assertive in the Middle East.

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Marco Rubio: President Obama Has 'Strengthened Putin's Hand'

Mon, 09/28/2015 - 4:18am

In an interview with NPR, the GOP presidential candidate offers critiques of President Obama, the GOP establishment and Donald Trump.

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Lucky Guy? Kevin McCarthy Once Won The Lottery. Now He Might Be Speaker

Mon, 09/28/2015 - 4:03am

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has had a meteoric rise. He's been Congress for just nine years, yet he may soon be elected speaker.

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Obama, Castro To Meet At U.N. Next Week

Sun, 09/27/2015 - 11:41am

The two leaders will have their second, informal, face-to-face meeting since April at the General Assembly meeting in New York.

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Ted Cruz Had A Great Weekend. Now It's Over.

Sun, 09/27/2015 - 10:28am

Cruz celebrated the resignation of House Speaker John Boehner and a win in the Values Voter Summit straw poll. But neither victory will last long.

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How Speaker Boehner's Resignation Will Impact Politics, Policy

Sun, 09/27/2015 - 6:48am

Speaker John Boehner shocked the political establishment when he announced will step down. NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with correspondent Mara Liasson about what it means for Congress and Republicans.

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Two Charts That Help Explain Boehner's Resignation

Sun, 09/27/2015 - 5:10am

Being Speaker of the House is a thankless job these days. A public that distrusts Washington and a sharply polarized Congress helped make it particularly hard for John Boehner.

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Congressman Steals Pope Francis' Water, Brags About It

Sat, 09/26/2015 - 6:25pm

Pennsylvania Democrat Bob Brady eyed Pope Francis' water during the pontiff's congressional address. When Francis left it, Brady took it, brought it back to his office and drank it.

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Hot Topics At Values Voter Summit: Boehner, Trump, Kim Davis

Sat, 09/26/2015 - 4:05pm

Religious conservatives gathered in Washington, D.C., for the annual Values Voter Summit, where they heard from several Republican presidential candidates and celebrated Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis.

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Boehner's Constituents In Ohio Reflect His Struggle With The GOP

Sat, 09/26/2015 - 4:05pm

In House Speaker John Boehner's conservative Ohio district, reactions to his resignation show a tug-of-war between different poles of a sharply divided Republican Party.

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'Courageous,' 'Heroic': Meet Kim Davis's Supporters

Sat, 09/26/2015 - 7:29am

Davis was honored at the Values Voter summit Friday in Washington, where she had lots of fans. The Kentucky clerk went to jail after refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

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Republicans React With Glee To Speaker Boehner's Resignation

Sat, 09/26/2015 - 6:39am

House Speaker John Boehner's resignation from Congress was embraced as a victory by the right wing of the Republican Party. Social conservatives celebrated the news at a conference in Washington.

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Boehner's Resignation May Make A Government Shutdown Less Likely

Sat, 09/26/2015 - 6:39am

House Speaker John Boehner shocked Washington on Friday when he said he would leave Congress by the end of October. NPR's Scott Simon talks to correspondent Sue Davis about what's next for House Republicans.

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