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Transcript And Video: President Obama's Interview With NPR's Nina Totenberg

Fri, 03/18/2016 - 7:00am

In a wide-ranging interview, Obama says Republicans have supported Judge Merrick Garland in the past, and that refusing to consider him for the Supreme Court could have severe consequences.

Federal Judge Retires As 'Bad Lapse In Judgment' With 16-Year-Old Surfaces

Fri, 03/18/2016 - 5:50am

The chief judge of the federal district court in Washington retired under a disability statute, the same day a Utah woman sued him over sexual relations they had in 1981, when she was 16.

Amid Protests, Brazil President Faces Impeachment Process

Fri, 03/18/2016 - 4:47am

President Dilma Rousseff named a former president charged with corruption to her cabinet. Brazil's congress has formed a committee to begin investigating the charges, says Lourdes Garcia-Navarro.

Trump Picks Up Anti-Immigration Endorsement Before Arizona Primary

Fri, 03/18/2016 - 4:47am

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, known for his anti-immigration stance, is Trump's latest controversial supporter. Arpaio's confident that he will follow through with promises, such as building a "wall."

Influencer Group Meets With All GOP Candidates But Trump

Fri, 03/18/2016 - 4:47am

The Hay Initiative is advising the candidates on foreign policy, national security and defense. Steve Inskeep speaks to the group's leader Brian Hook, who's concerned about Trump's foreign policy.

Republican Voters Stumped If Trump Wins Party Nomination

Fri, 03/18/2016 - 4:47am

Republican voters in Florida are wrestling with how they'll vote If Trump ends up facing a Democrat nominee. Some say a Trump nomination would force them to vote for a Democrat — or not at all.

Sen. McConnell Obstructs Merrick Garland Nomination Vote

Fri, 03/18/2016 - 4:47am

The Senate Majority Leader refuses to hold a hearing on the Supreme Court nominee. After Obama named Garland, McConnell has maintained his position that the pick should be made by the next president.

Obama: Refusal To Consider Nominee Damages Public's Faith In The Judiciary

Fri, 03/18/2016 - 4:11am

In an interview with NPR, the president says Senate Republicans owe it to the Founding Fathers to give Judge Merrick Garland a Supreme Court confirmation vote.

Snoop Dogg Makes Romanian Village Famous With Instagram Mistake

Thu, 03/17/2016 - 8:44pm

The rapper presumably meant to tag his location as Bogotá, Colombia, but instead checked in at Bogata, Romania, a small village which had some fun with the mistake.

Missouri Victory Gives Clinton A Belated Mega Tuesday Sweep

Thu, 03/17/2016 - 6:16pm

The Democrat eked out a slim victory of just 1,531 votes over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who said he wouldn't ask for a recount in the state's primary.

House Endorses Anti-Obama Lawsuit Over Deportations

Thu, 03/17/2016 - 5:33pm

Republican members of Congress are intervening in a lawsuit in Texas over President Obama's executive actions on immigration. They argue that he can't block deportations that the law requires.

Federal Judge Retires As 'Bad Lapse in Judgment' With 16-Year-Old Surfaces

Thu, 03/17/2016 - 4:01pm

The chief judge of the federal district court in Washington retired under a disability statute, the same day a Utah woman sued him over sexual relations they had in 1981, when she was 16.

Supreme Court Nominee Merrick Garland Meets With Top Democrats On The Hill

Thu, 03/17/2016 - 3:29pm

Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland makes his first rounds on the Hill Thursday to meet with senators in person. But the only appointments on the schedule are with two Democrats. He has no meetings with Republicans yet.

Breaking Down How A Contested Convention Could Stop Donald Trump

Thu, 03/17/2016 - 3:29pm

NPR's Kelly McEvers speaks to Sasha Issenberg, a journalist with Bloomberg Politics, about delegates for the Republican National Convention in July. As Donald Trump consolidates a significant delegate lead in his attempt to win the Republican presidential nomination, some in the party are discussing how to stop Trump at the Republican National Convention.

Demographic Scramble: Donald Trump's Electoral Path To The White House

Thu, 03/17/2016 - 3:29pm

Donald Trump has a clear if not guaranteed path to the GOP nomination, but could he win the White House? NPR explains what would have to happen in the battle for electoral college votes for him to succeed.

Congress Grills Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder On Flint Water Crisis

Thu, 03/17/2016 - 3:16pm

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and the head of the Environmental Protection Agency field questions and attacks from members of Congress over the handling of the Flint, Mich., water crisis.

Merrick Garland Heads To Capitol Hill For What Could Be A Futile Exercise

Thu, 03/17/2016 - 3:16pm

Republicans remain steadfast in their refusal to consider any nominee to the Supreme Court during an election year. President Obama told NPR that argument is "puzzling."

After Loss In Ohio, Bernie Sanders Considers Path Forward

Thu, 03/17/2016 - 3:05pm

Following a devastating loss in Ohio on Tuesday, Sen. Bernie Sanders' path to a nomination just got even harder. So why is he still in the race?

Opening The Books On Donald Trump's Business Deals In Atlantic City

Thu, 03/17/2016 - 12:14pm

Washington Post reporter Robert O'Harrow dissects Trump's acquisition of the Taj Mahal casino/hotel, which went into bankruptcy a year after it opened.

WATCH: Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder Testifies On The Flint Water Crisis

Thu, 03/17/2016 - 8:52am

"Let me be blunt," Gov. Rick Snyder told a House panel. "This was a failure of government at all levels. Local, state, and federal officials — we all failed the families of Flint."




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