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Canada's Trudeau Expresses Disappointment In U.S. Decision On Keystone XL

Fri, 11/06/2015 - 3:21pm

Canadian Company TransCanada took a blow Friday when President Obama announced he was rejecting its request to build the Keystone XL pipeline. The pipeline would have helped transport hundreds of thousands of barrels of Canadian tar sands oil from Alberta to U.S. refineries. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed disappointment.

Obama: Keystone XL Pipeline Would Undercut U.S. Leadership On Climate Change

Fri, 11/06/2015 - 3:21pm

President Obama announced Friday that he rejected a permit to allow construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. The controversial project would have carried oil harvested from tar sands in Canada.

In The Post-Obama Age, Democrats Look To Inspire Southern Black Voters

Fri, 11/06/2015 - 3:21pm

African-American voters turned out in record numbers for Barack Obama's historic campaign in 2008 and again in 2012. As the top Democratic presidential candidates meet at a forum in South Carolina Friday night, NPR explores what is on the minds of black voters now.

Ben Carson Faces Scrutiny Over West Point Story

Fri, 11/06/2015 - 3:21pm

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson is facing scrutiny over his biography, which states he was offered a scholarship to the U.S. military academy at West Point. It turns out, Carson never applied to the academy, his campaign said Friday.

Week In Politics: Jobs Report, President George H.W. Bush Biography

Fri, 11/06/2015 - 3:21pm

NPR's Robert Siegel speaks with our regular political commentators, E.J. Dionne of the Washington Post and Brookings Institution and David Brooks of The New York Times. They discuss the economy, and how a biography on President George H.W. Bush will affect Jeb Bush's campaign.

Obama Rejects Plans To Build Keystone XL Pipeline

Fri, 11/06/2015 - 3:21pm

After seven years of study, the Obama administration has rejected plans for the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline. The move comes on the eve of an international climate summit.

Supreme Court To Take Up Another Challenge To Obamacare

Fri, 11/06/2015 - 3:13pm

The justices said Friday they would hear a challenge brought by faith-based groups that contend the government's exemptions on birth control do not go far enough to accommodate them.

Strong Jobs Data Point To Pricier Credit Cards For Christmas

Fri, 11/06/2015 - 2:04pm

Economists are saying that October's surprisingly strong job growth will encourage the Federal Reserve to hike interest rates next month. So holiday shoppers may pay more for using credit cards.

Ben Carson Pushes Back On Questions About His West Point Story

Fri, 11/06/2015 - 1:33pm

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson says he never applied to West Point, although in his book, he had written that he was "offered a full scholarship" to the elite military academy.

President Obama Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline Plan

Fri, 11/06/2015 - 10:39am

"Shipping dirtier crude oil into our country would not increase America's energy security," the president said in a statement delivered at the White House.

For Jeb, One More Father-Brother White House Question to Answer

Fri, 11/06/2015 - 7:21am

The former Florida governor earlier this year announced a team of foreign policy advisers that included at least two well-known members of the Rumsfeld-Cheney team in the second Bush White House.

Bernie Sanders On Being Jewish And A Democratic Socialist

Fri, 11/06/2015 - 4:08am

Steve Inskeep continues his conversation with Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Sanders talks about why he self-identifies as a Socialist and how being Jewish influences his views.

Researchers Examine How To Spot A Lying Politician

Fri, 11/06/2015 - 4:08am

Can you tell anything about politicians' accuracy by analyzing how they speak? A new analysis finds that lying politicians tend to be more verbose.

Demographics Will Favor Demographic Presiential Nominee

Fri, 11/06/2015 - 4:08am

As Democratic presidential candidates prepare for a TV forum, pollster Stanley Greenberg tells Steve Inskeep that beliefs of the electorate will dramatically favor the eventual Democratic nominee.

Seth Meyers Takes On The Campaign, Canned Jokes To Day Drinking

Fri, 11/06/2015 - 4:00am

The presidential campaign is butt of many of Late Night host Seth Meyers' jokes these days. "So many butts, there are so many butts in this campaign," he said.

N.Y. Attorney General Investigates Whether Exxon Mobil Lied On Climate Change

Thu, 11/05/2015 - 4:40pm

Investigators want to know if the company deceived investors and the public about risks associated with climate change. The company protests that it has included those risks in its reports for years.

'Ballad For Americans' Sent 'A Message Of Unity' During 1940 Presidential Race

Thu, 11/05/2015 - 4:32pm

In the 1940 presidential campaign, one song reached across party lines and had everyone cheering. It was an unlikely hit: "The Ballad for Americans," an operatic folk cantata that ran 10 minutes.

Moscow Rejects Idea That Bomb Brought Down Airliner

Thu, 11/05/2015 - 3:38pm

Russian officials say that any suggestion that a bomb caused the Metrojet crash in Egypt is premature, and that if the British government has specific information, it should be shared with Moscow.

Myanmar's Pro-Democracy Opposition Leader Vies For Power As Elections Near

Thu, 11/05/2015 - 3:38pm

Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi has said she would be "above the president" if her party wins the elections on Sunday.

In New Book From Elder Bush, Strong Words For His Son's Administration

Thu, 11/05/2015 - 3:38pm

In excerpts from an upcoming biography of George H.W. Bush, the former president offers criticism of key members of his son's administration who were key architects of the 2003 invasion of Iraq.




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