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NPR/Marist Poll: GOP, Dems Divided On Mueller As Special Counsel's Favorability Drops

Tue, 04/17/2018 - 4:01am

An NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll finds Republicans increasingly think Mueller's investigation is biased against Trump. Also, Americans think Russia will try to interfere in the 2018 midterm elections.

(Image credit: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)

Who's In Charge? Potential Leadership Shake-Ups Leave Agencies In Limbo

Tue, 04/17/2018 - 4:00am

The EPA is the latest agency facing an uncertain future for its top official. Instability in Trump's Cabinet may have lasting repercussions for government departments.

(Image credit: Pete Marovich/Getty Images)

Transcript: James Comey's Full Interview With Steve Inskeep And Carrie Johnson

Tue, 04/17/2018 - 2:07am

Nearly a year after President Trump fired James Comey, the former FBI director has a new memoir, A Higher Loyalty. He talked to NPR about the book and his decisions in the run-up to the 2016 election.

(Image credit: Elias Williams for NPR)

After Detailing Russian Hack, White House Cyber 'Czar' Announces Departure

Tue, 04/17/2018 - 1:36am

Rob Joyce said he was stepping down hours after a joint U.S., U.K. and Australia statement blaming the Kremlin for an a cyber attack last year.

(Image credit: Patrick Semansky/AP)

James Comey Says FBI 'Would Be Worse Today' If Not For His Actions

Mon, 04/16/2018 - 11:20pm

In an interview with NPR, the fired FBI director maintained he wouldn't do things differently if he had a chance. "I saw this as a 500-year flood," he said, "and so where is the manual?"

(Image credit: Elias Williams for NPR)

Congressional Democrats Calling For Investigation Into National Park Service

Mon, 04/16/2018 - 8:38pm

A University of Colorado researcher wrote a report in 2016 for the National Park Service on the impacts of climate change and sea level rise. The report has not been released, but public records show it has been heavily edited to remove all references to human-induced climate change. Democrats are calling for an investigation.

Former FBI Director James Comey Says Trump 'Threatens' Core American Values

Mon, 04/16/2018 - 8:38pm

Former FBI Director James Comey speaks with NPR's Steve Inskeep about A Higher Loyalty. In his new memoir, Comey recalls his interactions with President Trump and discusses his conduct in office.

Former FBI Director Comey Discusses How He Views Trump's Conduct In New Book

Mon, 04/16/2018 - 6:42pm

Former FBI Director James Comey's book, A Higher Loyalty, comes out Tuesday. Terry Gross of WHYY's Fresh Air talked to Comey about his tell-all memoir a day before it published.

Sean Hannity Is Also A Client Of Trump's Lawyer Michael Cohen

Mon, 04/16/2018 - 5:07pm

President Trump's attorney Michael Cohen was in federal court Monday in New York City. A federal judge ordered Cohen's attorney to identify another client as part of a battle of seized evidence.

Trump Attorney Michael Cohen's Secret 3rd Client: Fox News Host Sean Hannity

Mon, 04/16/2018 - 4:07pm

A federal judge ordered an attorney for Cohen to reveal the identity of a client that had been withheld as part of a battle over evidence following an FBI raid of Cohen's home and office.

(Image credit: Mary Altaffer/AP)

Is Comey Risking Anything By Speaking Out About Trump Administration?

Mon, 04/16/2018 - 3:19pm

Former FBI Director James Comey has been extremely candid in his criticism of the Trump administration, despite being a high-profile witness in Robert Mueller's federal investigation. NPR's Ailsa Chang speaks with John Dean, whose testimony in the Watergate hearings helped to bring down President Nixon, about the risks of witnesses speaking publicly.

Trump's Rhetoric Doesn't Necessarily Match His Administration's Actions in Syria

Mon, 04/16/2018 - 3:19pm

President Trump's threats suggested U.S. military action against Syria might be more robust than it actually was. It's not the first time Trump's actions have proven more restrained than his rhetoric.

Japan's Premier Visits Trump Amid Troubles Both Foreign And Domestic

Mon, 04/16/2018 - 3:19pm

As he meets the U.S. president at Mar-a-Lago, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is facing roiling political scandals at home, and waning influence abroad.

(Image credit: Koji Sasahara/AP)

After A Journey Through The Lone Star State, Author Concludes: 'The Future Is Texas'

Mon, 04/16/2018 - 12:48pm

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Lawrence Wright predicts that the largest "red" state in the union will eventually move into the "blue" column — and change the nation's politics in the process.

U.S. Pastor Goes On Trial In Turkey, Further Straining Relations

Mon, 04/16/2018 - 10:36am

Andrew Brunson faces up to 35 years in prison on charges of aiding groups that Turkey blames for a failed coup in 2016. He is among thousands accused of having links to cleric Fethullah Gulen.

(Image credit: STR/AFP/Getty Images)

The 'New Power' Generation: A Manifesto For A More Humane World

Mon, 04/16/2018 - 10:06am

Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms have written a guide for spreading ideas, building movements and staying ahead.

(Image credit: Michael Creagh)

The Renewable Energy Movement Ramps Up In Red States

Mon, 04/16/2018 - 9:06am

Where might you find a city that uses only renewable energy? Try Texas.

(Image credit: Photo by Drew Anthony Smith for Smithsonian magazine)

Sen. Reed Weighs In On Comey Interview, Airstrikes On Syria

Mon, 04/16/2018 - 6:23am

Noel King talks to Democratic Sen. Jack Reed of Rhode Island about former FBI Director James Comey's new book and the legal basis for airstrikes against Syria ordered by President Trump.

After Raid, Cohen Tries To Limit What Records Prosecutors May Review

Mon, 04/16/2018 - 4:01am

Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen is trying to limit the materials prosecutors can access after a raid on his office and hotel room. Rachel Martin talks to former assistant U.S. attorney Kimberly Wehle.

Trump Will Start The Week Promoting Tax Cut Legislative Victory

Mon, 04/16/2018 - 4:01am

David Greene talks to Republican Rep. Carlos Curbelo of Florida about where he agrees and disagrees with President Trump's policies ahead of a presidential trip to Florida to promote tax cuts.




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