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Updated: 1 hour 34 min ago

Old Mouse Trap Still Works Just Fine

12 hours 43 min ago

The Museum of English Rural Life in Britain has artifacts on display including a 155-year-old mouse trap. There was no bait, but a mouse wandered in, got stuck and died.

Discarded Girl Scout Cookie Box Helps Police Find Their Man

12 hours 49 min ago

A motorcyclist took authorities in California on a high-speed chase. Along the way, he tossed a box of Girl Scout cookies. The note inside and eye witnesses helped authorities find the suspect.

The Best And The Worst Of Super Bowl Ads

14 hours 48 min ago

There was little excitement in this year's crop of Super Bowl ads. Many of the best had already been seen on social media; the others were underwhelming.

Politics In The News: New Hampshire Primary

15 hours 3 min ago

New Hampshire voters go to the polls for the first-in-the-nation primary on Tuesday. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders both hold substantial leads in their parties' polling. But New Hampshire is notorious for surprises. On the Republican side, the positioning of second and third-place candidates could be significant as well.

Foreign Investors Look To Gain A Foothold In Myanmar

15 hours 3 min ago

Myanmar, which used to be run by a military dictatorship, is a hot market for foreign investors. A division of a U.S. company is facing hurdles as it tries to set up a plant in Myanmar.

Christie Calls Rubio Out On His 'Scripted' Campaign Rhetoric

15 hours 3 min ago

Marco Rubio came under heavy assault — especially by N.J. Gov. Chris Chrstie — at a weekend GOP presidential debate. Rubio kept repeating a single sentence almost verbatim.

French Lawmakers Want To Make Some Emergency Measures Permanent

15 hours 3 min ago

The French government is seeking to extend the state of emergency it declared after the Paris terrorist attacks in November. Renee Montagne talks to French political scientist Nicole Bacharan.

Why The U.S. Still Has No Viable Alternatives To Russian Rocket Boosters

15 hours 3 min ago

When it comes to launching top-secret military satellites, the Pentagon relies almost entirely on rocket engines made in Russia. The U.S. has no viable alternative to the Russian rocket boosters.

North Korea Launches Rocket Believed To Be Long-Range Missile Test

15 hours 3 min ago

Renee Montagne talks to MIT professor Theodore Postol about North Korea's nuclear capabilities and assesses the level of danger the weekend rocket launch poses to the rest of the world.

How Will Host Chris Rock Treat Oscars' Lack Of Diversity?

15 hours 3 min ago

There were calls to boycott the Academy Awards after all 20 of the acting nominees are white. There's great anticipation for how host Chris Rock — a comedian who never pulls punches — will handle it.

Wish Our Correspondent Luck; She's In A Rio Samba Parade

15 hours 3 min ago

The highlight of Brazil's Carnival are the Samba parades, where 12 teams — called schools — compete for the top prize in Rio de Janeiro Monday night.

Debris Flow From California's Rough Fire Threatens Lakes Downstream

15 hours 3 min ago

A lot of El Nino-related precipitation is falling on an area devastated by a giant 150,000 acre fire that burned last summer. Dirt and debris are flowing into lakes, and farmers are worried.

What Do Sanders And Trump Have In Common? More Than You Think

15 hours 3 min ago

The two hottest candidates heading into Tuesday's New Hampshire primary: Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. On the face of it, the candidates and their messages couldn't be more different.

School Superintendent In Flint Worries About Water Crisis' Irreversible Harm

15 hours 3 min ago

Renee Montagne talks to Bilal Tawwab, superintendent of schools in Flint, Mich., about how the district is responding to the lead water crisis. The extent of the damage from the lead is not yet known.

How Will Host Chris Rock Treat The Oscars' Lack Of Diversity?

15 hours 3 min ago

Since it was revealed that all 20 of this year's Academy Award acting nominees are white, everyone's waiting to see how host Chris Rock — a comedian who never pulls punches — will handle it.

For Mardi Gras, Les Bon Temps Rouler In Mobile, Ala., Too

15 hours 14 min ago

Most people think of New Orleans on Mardi Gras. But the pre-Lenten celebration has roots in another Gulf Coast city. Mobile, Ala., proudly bills itself as the "mother of mystics."

How To Get Dads To Take Parental Leave? Seeing Other Dads Do It

15 hours 35 min ago

Social scientists see long-term benefits to new dads spending a few months caring for a baby. But these studies won't nudge fathers to take leave if they still see a work culture that frowns on it.

When Men Get Breast Cancer, They Enter A World Of Pink

15 hours 41 min ago

Most breast cancer cases are in women, so treatment and support is geared towards them. Men with breast cancer can feel isolated. One man was given a pink ice pack and told to put it in his bra.

Officials Warn Of Zika Transmission Via Urine, Saliva

Fri, 02/05/2016 - 9:39am

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, talks with Mary Louise Kelly about how the Zika virus may spread.

Billy The Kid Is On The Loose

Fri, 02/05/2016 - 6:21am

He is better known at the University of Iowa as William the Goat. One of 14 goats owned by the school, he escaped last week. There have been several spottings but authorities can't pin him down.




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