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Multiple Failures Led To Troops' Deaths In Niger, Pentagon Report Says

Fri, 05/11/2018 - 4:01am

The Pentagon released a report on the deaths of 4 U.S. and 5 Nigerian soldiers last fall in Tongo Tongo, Niger. David Greene talks to retired Army Brigadier Gen. Donald Bolduc about the investigation.

Will Americans Held In Iran Be Affected By Trump Dropping The Nuclear Deal?

Fri, 05/11/2018 - 4:01am

Rachel Martin talks to Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian, about the U.S. withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal, and what it could mean for U.S. citizens who are held by the Iranian regime.

Counties In Southern Illinois Declare That They Are Gun Sanctuaries

Fri, 05/11/2018 - 4:01am

It's a way those in the politically divided state of Illinois plan to take a stand against gun-restrictions the state's Democrats are trying to pass.

Multiple Failures Led To Deaths Of 4 Troops In Niger, Pentagon Report Says

Fri, 05/11/2018 - 4:01am

The Pentagon released a report on the deaths of 4 U.S. and 5 Nigerian soldiers last fall in Tongo Tongo, Niger. David Greene talks to retired Army Brigadier Gen. Donald Bolduc about the investigation.

Rudy Giuliani: Trump's Visible And Unscripted New Lawyer

Fri, 05/11/2018 - 4:01am

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani joined President Trump's legal team recently and went on a raucous media blitz. His path to Trump's side follows a decade of laying low outside of politics.

South Koreans Are Still Buzzing Over Last Month's Inter-Korean Summit

Fri, 05/11/2018 - 4:01am

The mood in South Korea after the meeting between leaders of the two Koreas is optimistic and euphoric. The U.S. and North Korea have set their first presidential summit for June 12 in Singapore.

Raising Home Prices Lead To Worries Of Another Housing Market Bubble

Fri, 05/11/2018 - 4:01am

Ten years after the financial crisis, the housing market is booming again. In some metropolitan areas, only 25 percent of residents can afford to buy a home. Are we in another housing bubble?

Press Freedom Is Under Fire In Southeast Asia

Fri, 05/11/2018 - 4:01am

The last independent newspaper in Cambodia was sold to a Malaysian investor with links to the country's prime minister. The Philippines president closed down a news site critical of his war on drugs.

Trump Hits The Campaign Trail To Rally Republicans Before Midterms

Fri, 05/11/2018 - 4:01am

President Trump campaigned in Elkhart, Indiana, the same day as he announced the meeting with North Korea's Kim Jon Un and the release of three Americans who had been detained there.

Israel And Iran's Forces In Syria Ramp Up Cross-Border Exchanges

Fri, 05/11/2018 - 4:01am

Rachel Martin talks to ambassador Dennis Ross, who has advised U.S. presidents on the Middle East, about the conflict between Israel and Iranian forces in Syria.

Morning News Brief: Trump Rally, John Kelly Interview

Fri, 05/11/2018 - 4:01am

President Trump was at a campaign rally in Elkhart, Ind., Thursday night, meanwhile, Republicans mull if he can bring the votes this fall. And, Trump's chief of staff sits down for an interview.

Charlie Puth Is Working Hard For Your Attention

Fri, 05/11/2018 - 4:01am

From "See You Again" to "Attention," Puth's hits are massive and they stick. Morning Edition visits the 26-year-old at the cluttered home studio where he crafted his second album, Voice Notes.

(Image credit: Jimmy Fontaine/Courtesy of the artist)

John Kelly: Despite 'Times Of Great Frustration,' No Regrets Taking White House Job

Thu, 05/10/2018 - 8:07pm

In an interview with NPR, Kelly also praised the president's decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal and said Trump's eyes are "wide open" on North Korea.

(Image credit: John W. Poole/NPR)

Democrats Embrace Guaranteed Jobs Proposal

Thu, 05/10/2018 - 6:33am

Several Democrats considering presidential runs are embracing the idea of guaranteed jobs for every American, an ambitious policy idea that is another sign of top Democrats moving to the left.

Detained In North Korea, 3 Americans Arrive Back To The U.S.

Thu, 05/10/2018 - 6:29am

Rachel Martin talks to former White House adviser Victor Cha, who discusses what their release means in terms of the upcoming summit between President Trump and North Korea's leader Jim Jong Un.

In Election Upset, Malaysia's Mahathir Returns To Power After A Quarter Century

Thu, 05/10/2018 - 5:45am

Mahathir Mohamad, who previously led Malaysia for more than two decades, has won a surprise victory over Prime Minister Najib Razak, who has been embroiled in a long-running corruption scandal.

(Image credit: Andy Wong/AP)

Original Iron Man Suit Is Missing From Storage

Thu, 05/10/2018 - 5:43am

Police in Los Angeles say that the suit has gone missing from a prop storage facility and they are investigating its disappearance. Officials say it's worth about $325,000.

Canadian Zoo Officials Take Berkley The Bear Out For Ice Cream

Thu, 05/10/2018 - 5:17am

The bear leaned out the driver's side window and licked a cone that a DQ employee was holding. Alberta Fish and Wildlife cited the zoo for taking a bear off property without notifying local officials.

Why Oil Prices Are At Their Highest Level In More Than 3 Years

Thu, 05/10/2018 - 4:06am

David Greene talks to David Wessel, director of the Hutchins Center at the Brookings Institution, about whether oil prices are being affected by the U.S. pulling out from the Iran nuclear deal.

With The U.S. Out Of The Iran Deal, What Happens To Jailed Americans There?

Thu, 05/10/2018 - 4:06am

President Trump's withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Iran leaves the fate of Americans held prisoner there uncertain. There could be as many as half a dozen U.S. citizens in Iranian prisons.




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