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What A 'Goodnight Moon' Spinoff Tells Us About Copyright Law

Thu, 06/16/2016 - 4:07am

Our reporter wanted to write a prequel to Goodnight Moon. He ended up on the phone with lawyers.

Shooting Victim Had Recently Moved To Orlando From Chicago

Thu, 06/16/2016 - 4:07am

Funeral services have begun for victims of Sunday's mass shooting in Orlando, Fla. Some of the victims are being flown to Puerto Rico for burial including Angel Candelario-Padro.

Chicago Archdiocese To Offer Paid Family Leave

Thu, 06/16/2016 - 4:07am

Chicago's Catholic Archdiocese next month begins offering 12 weeks of paid parental leave to its employees. Officials say the directive ensures personnel policies are in line with church teachings.

U.S.-Russia Relations Are Frosty But They're Toasty On The Arctic Council

Thu, 06/16/2016 - 4:07am

The U.S. is halfway through its 2-year chairmanship of the Arctic Council. It's a high-level forum for 8 nations with Arctic territory, and one of the few areas where the U.S. and Russia cooperate.

Senator's Report Finds 'Fundamental Concerns' About Red Cross Finances

Thu, 06/16/2016 - 4:01am

A congressional inquiry finds that the American Red Cross stonewalled lawmakers as they sought to understand the charity's finances, and that it sent significantly less money to Haiti than claimed.

For Many Art Dealers, 'Selling' Is A Dirty Word (But Not For Young Collectors)

Thu, 06/16/2016 - 4:00am

Older collectors often want to keep their art forever, which is good for an artist's long-term career. But younger collectors are more commercially driven, and that can have ripple effects.

With Payday Loans Burying Borrowers, Community Tries Alternatives

Thu, 06/16/2016 - 3:59am

Some experts say there are better, cheaper alternatives for getting small dollar loans than payday loans, which are often cash sources of the last resort.

Bob Dylan Honors Fan's Request; Plays 'Free Bird'

Wed, 06/15/2016 - 6:20am

It's a tradition: No matter who the performer is, someone in the crowd requests Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Free Bird." It happened at a recent Bob Dylan show. The surprise was that Dylan actually obliged.

Beehive Hair Designer Dies At 98

Wed, 06/15/2016 - 6:07am

Margaret Vinci Heldt was a hairdresser from Chicago who knew how to work a teasing comb and hairspray. She took hairdos to new heights with the beehive style.

Research Explores Ways To Overcome STEM Fields' Gender Gap

Wed, 06/15/2016 - 4:06am

Why do so few women sign up for careers in engineering and technology? Research suggests having few women in college and in tech companies creates a vicious cycle.

Orlando Shooting Gets Pulled Into The National Political Spotlight

Wed, 06/15/2016 - 4:06am

Without naming him, President Obama lit into Donald Trump for his comments about Muslims following the attack on a gay nightclubs in Orlando early Sunday morning. Trump hit back at Obama at a rally in Greensboro, North Carolina, Wednesday night.

Immigration May Play A Big Role In Next Week's 'Brexit' Vote

Wed, 06/15/2016 - 4:06am

Supporters of the United Kingdom pulling out of the European Union are finding that concerns over immigration are motivating many who plan to vote Leave in this month's referendum. Those worries, described as racist by critics, are strong in northern English cities, despite the benefits they've seen from EU money.

Reaction To Orlando Attack

Wed, 06/15/2016 - 4:06am

One of the many people mourning the attacks in Orlando is a gay soldier who fought in Yemen. NPR's David Greene met him at karaoke night at an Orlando bar.

Orlando Shooter Watched Online Extremist Propaganda, Authorities Say

Wed, 06/15/2016 - 4:06am

The FBI continues to comb through the life of the man who opened fire on an Orlando nightclub early Sunday morning. President Obama characterized shooter Omar Mateen as "an angry, disturbed, unstable young man who became radicalized."

Mr. Hockey, Gordie Howe, To Be Remembered At Detroit Funeral

Wed, 06/15/2016 - 4:06am

The city of Detroit and hockey fans everywhere prepare to pay their last respects on Wednesday to legend Gordie Howe. Commentator John U. Bacon looks at the lasting impact the man known as Mr. Hockey had on the game in the U.S.

IOC President Tours Rio Venues, Confident Olympics Will Be Great

Wed, 06/15/2016 - 4:06am

The Summer Olympics are only seven weeks away. Host city Rio de Janeiro has been dealing with a lot of problems in the run-up to the games: Zika, corruption scandals and a political crisis.

After Violence, Security Upped At European Soccer Championship Matches

Wed, 06/15/2016 - 4:06am

Authorities in France have banned the sale of alcohol in the cities of Lille and Lens, in advance of soccer matches involving Russian and English teams. Fans clashed over the weekend.

Authorities Move To Pin Down Motive For Orlando Shooting Spree

Wed, 06/15/2016 - 4:06am

Details are emerging about the life of Omar Mateen, the man who authorities say killed 49 people at an Orlando nightclub early Sunday morning. David Greene talks to Clint Van Zandt, a former behaviorist with the FBI who helped profile the Unabomber.

Investigators Probe Why More Wasn't Done About Shooter's Red Flags

Wed, 06/15/2016 - 4:06am

As Orlando continues to mourn the victims of last weekend's massacre, some in the city are bristling at how quickly the national conversation has shifted from healing to politics.

Murder Rate Spike Could Be 'Ferguson Effect,' DOJ Study Says

Wed, 06/15/2016 - 3:41am

A Justice Department study indicates the effect — a breakdown in trust between minority communities and police — may play a role in the rising murder rate in many urban areas.




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