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Treasury To Give $20 Bill A New Look

Thu, 04/21/2016 - 3:59am

President Andrew Jackson who is the face of the $20 bill will be replaced by abolitionist leader Harriet Tubman. Lourdes Garcia-Navarro talks to Susan Ades Stone, co-founder of Women On $20s.

In Chad, U.N. Ambassador Power Visits Anti-Extremist Command Center

Thu, 04/21/2016 - 3:59am

U.S. military officials are worried about the connections between ISIS and Boko Haram. U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power visited the African country of Chad, which is threatened by both groups.

'Brexit' Vote Worries Britons Living In Germany

Thu, 04/21/2016 - 3:59am

Nearly 2 million Britons live in continental Europe, and many are concerned that their lives will be adversely affected if Britain chooses to leave the European Union in a referendum in June.

The Appalachian Inspiration Of The Black Lillies

Thu, 04/21/2016 - 3:52am

The Knoxville band's regional roots are at the center of its sound. Members Cruz Contreras and Trisha Gene Brady explain how the mountains inspire their music.

'British Bake Off' Winner Takes On The Toughest Judge Of All: The Queen

Thu, 04/21/2016 - 3:52am

This year the task of coming up with a birthday cake fit for a queen fell to Nadiya Hussain, the winner of the most recent season of the wildly popular TV show The Great British Bake Off.

Faithful Mattress Will Squeal On A Cheating Partner

Wed, 04/20/2016 - 6:16am

A new mattress on sale in Spain will alert you if your partner is being unfaithful. You will learn of the cheating on a mobile app. The "smartress" is equipped with a lover detection system.

Oldest Message In A Bottle Washes Ashore In Germany

Wed, 04/20/2016 - 6:07am

After 108 years at sea, the bottle was spotted. The note inside read: "return to the British Marine Biology Association." The bottle had been tossed out as part of an experiment into currents.

A Crackdown In Egypt, Reflecting A Broader Trend In The Region

Wed, 04/20/2016 - 4:15am

Egypt is investigating several prominent human rights groups. Similar moves are taking place in neighboring countries, dashing hopes of greater freedoms generated by the Arab uprisings.

Ex-NYPD Officer Gets Probation In Fatal Shooting Of Unarmed Man

Wed, 04/20/2016 - 4:15am

Peter Liang has been sentenced to 5 years of probation and 800 hours of community service for the accidental shooting death of an unarmed man in 2014. The sentencing touched off passionate reactions.

Ukraine-Russian Deal May Free Jailed Pilot

Wed, 04/20/2016 - 4:15am

The woman, Nadezhda Savchenko, was a military pilot captured during the war in Eastern Ukraine, and her case has become a symbol of the conflict between the two countries.

Rev. Al Sharpton Weighs In On New York's Democratic Primary

Wed, 04/20/2016 - 4:15am

Hillary Clinton stopped Bernie Sanders' winning streak. Clinton won New York's Democratic primary. For insight into the results, David Greene talks to civil rights leader, the Reverend Al Sharpton.

Egyptian Case Meant To Silence Critics, Human Rights Activists Say

Wed, 04/20/2016 - 4:15am

Egypt is investigating at least three prominent human rights groups, alleging they accepted foreign funding for activities the government says were designed to destabilize the country.

Trump Victory In New York Sends Message To Other Northeastern States

Wed, 04/20/2016 - 4:15am

Donald Trump won big in Tuesday's primary — securing at least 89 delegates. David Greene talks to Carl Paladino, a Buffalo businessman, who is an honorary co-chair of Trump's New York campaign.

With New York's Primary Over, Candidates Focus On Tuesday's Contests

Wed, 04/20/2016 - 4:15am

The presidential race heads next to Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Connecticut and Rhode Island. Those states vote on Tuesday, and look favorable to front-runners Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Voters Put Trump, Clinton In A New York State Of Mind

Wed, 04/20/2016 - 4:15am

Primary voters in New York were very good to the front-runners of both parties. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were big winners — helping both in their efforts to clinch their party's nomination.

Already A Movie Topic, Iran's Resolution Is Now A Video Game

Wed, 04/20/2016 - 4:15am

Renee Montagne talks to Navid Khonsari, who has designed a new video game based on the Iranian revolution. The game — 1979 Revolution: Black Friday — is banned in Iran.

Too Much Empty Space In Pepper Tin Prompts Class-Action Lawsuit

Wed, 04/20/2016 - 4:15am

A large spice company recently started putting less pepper in its tins — and leaving empty space at the top of the tin. There's a technical term for that empty space: "non-functional slack fill."

Obama Effect Triggers More Nuanced Conversations On Race

Wed, 04/20/2016 - 4:15am

A Mexican-American family considers how differences in generations, citizenship and upbringing affect what it means to be American, and how that's evolved during the Obama administration.

Trump, Clinton Put Distance Between Themselves And Challengers

Wed, 04/20/2016 - 4:15am

Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton were the big winners in New York's primary. David Greene talks to Democratic pollster Margie Omero and Republican pollster Jim Hobart.

At Party Congress, No Sign Cuba Is Ready To Embrace The U.S.

Wed, 04/20/2016 - 3:44am

In a rare public appearance, Fidel Castro spoke of his mortality. Castro's brother Raúl, 84, was re-elected leader of the Cuban Communist Party.




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