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Morning News Brief

Tue, 01/09/2018 - 4:06am

North and South Korea hold historic talks while the U.S. prepares for all options on the military front. Also, a bipartisan group of senators discusses immigration policy with President Trump.

'Least Desirable'? How Racial Discrimination Plays Out In Online Dating

Tue, 01/09/2018 - 4:06am

Research shows that online dating coincided with an increase in interracial marriages. But some dating app users say that Asian men and black women can still have a tougher time finding love online.

(Image credit: Kholood Eid for NPR)

As North Korea Tensions Rise, U.S. Army Trains Soldiers To Fight In Tunnels

Tue, 01/09/2018 - 4:00am

The U.S. Army is training thousands of soldiers in tunnel warfare as tensions rise with North Korea, which is known for its extensive military tunneling.

(Image credit: Ahn Young-joon/AP)

NPR Investigation Finds Hidden Epidemic Of Sexual Assault

Mon, 01/08/2018 - 6:36am

People with intellectual disabilities are sexually assaulted at seven times the rate of people without disabilities. It's a crime that often goes unrecognized and unpunished.

Trump To Address American Farm Bureau Federation's Convention

Mon, 01/08/2018 - 6:35am

The president's address comes after years of decline in the farm sector. David Greene talks to Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue about the president's track record on agriculture so far.

Museum Of Ice Cream Boasts Pool Filled With Fake Sprinkles

Mon, 01/08/2018 - 5:38am

The museum in Miami Beach says visitors can enjoy the pool. But the museum was fined for creating an environmental hazard. Evidently the sprinkles can clog storm drains and harm marine life.

Wild Turkeys In Cleveland Suburb Peck At Mail Carriers

Mon, 01/08/2018 - 5:12am

A neighborhood outside Cleveland is overrun with wild turkeys, and now about two dozen residents have to pick up their mail at the post office.

Since Trump's Election, Canada's Refugee System Is Overloaded

Mon, 01/08/2018 - 3:57am

More and more people are walking illegally into Canada as President Trump cracks down on immigrants in the United States. The increased number is testing a nation that historically welcomes refugees.

Politics In The News: 'Fire And Fury' Leads Headlines

Mon, 01/08/2018 - 3:57am

Steve Inskeep talks to Jonah Goldberg, senior editor of National Review about the apparent fall of former chief strategist Steve Bannon, who provoked Trump's ire by criticizing him in a new book.

Germany's Angela Merkel Tries For A Second Time To Form A Government

Mon, 01/08/2018 - 3:57am

The German chancellor is in the political fight of her life. As Germans wait for a fully formed government, Merkel and the leaders of two other parties hold a final attempt to form a government.

Activism At The 75th Golden Globes Went Beyond Black Dresses

Mon, 01/08/2018 - 3:57am

Stories of sexual harassment and abuse in Hollywood inspired women at the 75th Golden Globes to wear black dresses. Among the night's winners: Lady Bird and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

Trump-Bannon Fallout Shows No Sign Of Letting Up

Mon, 01/08/2018 - 3:57am

President Trump issues new rebukes of the "Fire and Fury" book — for which former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon is now apologizing for not denouncing sooner.

The Story Of How Ottis Redding's 'Dock Of The Bay' Got Released

Mon, 01/08/2018 - 3:57am

Otis Redding's posthumous hit "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay" was released 50 years ago today. But it almost never got out of the recording studio.

Local Chinese Government Backs Titanic Replica

Mon, 01/08/2018 - 3:57am

A businessman in a rural Chinese province is building a replica of the Titanic which will be the centerpiece of a theme park. The local government is flooding the site with cash — hoping millions of tourists will flock to see it.

Attempts To Strengthen Enforcement Of Federal Pot Laws Face Constraints

Mon, 01/08/2018 - 3:57am

The Trump administration is trying to strengthen enforcement of federal marijuana laws. Federal prosecutors may not get the cooperation they need from states that have approved marijuana use.

U.S. Decision Could Mean Protected Salvadorans Would Be Deported

Mon, 01/08/2018 - 3:57am

The Trump administration plans to decide the fate of some 200,000 Salvadorans on Temporary Protected Status, which if revoked would deport them and others back to countries hit by violent crime.

Morning News Brief

Mon, 01/08/2018 - 3:57am

President Trump huddled with congressional leaders at Camp David to try to focus the party's agenda, but revelations in a new book are proving to be a distraction. Also, nearly 200,000 Salvadorans living in the U.S. may lose their temporary protected status.

The Story Of How Otis Redding's 'Dock Of The Bay' Got Released

Mon, 01/08/2018 - 3:57am

Otis Redding's posthumous hit "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay" was released 50 years ago today. But it almost never got out of the recording studio.

As Cracks Widen In Washington State, Government Prepares For A Landslide

Mon, 01/08/2018 - 3:55am

Dozens of people have agreed to move temporarily to hotels in case a landslide destroys their homes.

When The Cash Register Doesn't Take Cash

Mon, 01/08/2018 - 3:44am

A handful of restaurants around the country are giving up on cash. Paying for your meal with a credit card or electronically makes for better and faster service, they say.

(Image credit: Raphael Satter/AP)




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