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Assorted stories from NPR
Updated: 4 min 39 sec ago

Berkeley's Soda Tax Appears To Cut Consumption Of Sugary Drinks

2 hours 52 min ago

According to a new study, the nation's first soda tax succeeded in cutting consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages. But there's uncertainty about whether the effect will be permanent.

Zika Images Show 'Worst Brain Infections That Doctors Will Ever See'

4 hours 2 min ago

Babies born with small heads are "just the tip of the iceberg" of what Zika does to a fetus's brain, says Dr. Deborah Levine, a contributor to a new study.

'The Terror Years' Traces The Rise Of Al-Qaida And ISIS

4 hours 29 min ago

Lawrence Wright's new book collects his essays for The New Yorker on the growth of terrorism in the Middle East, from the 9/11 attacks to the recent beheadings of journalists and aid workers.


4 hours 36 min ago

The Toronto improvisational band is known for collaborations with Ghostface Killah and Tyler, the Creator. Watch a video of "Speaking Gently."

Pennsylvania Trump Supporters Grapple With Their Candidate's Rough Summer

4 hours 43 min ago

In central Pennsylvania, a farm family, the CEO of a small paper mill and a student at Penn State University — all Trump supporters — weigh in on the candidate's claim of potential voter fraud.

Mike Pence Got His Hair Cut At A Black Barbershop And This Happened

4 hours 49 min ago

The GOP vice presidential candidate dropped into a Pennsylvania barbershop to get a haircut Thursday. The barber wasn't quite sure who he was.

California Firefighters Contain Blue Cut Fire, Grapple With Other Blazes

5 hours 2 min ago

Crews surrounded the San Bernardino County fire Tuesday. Meanwhile, multiple wildfires continue to bedevil crews, including one near a historic estate built by William Randolph Hearst.

Controversy Erupts In Russia Over Report On Female Genital Mutilation

5 hours 11 min ago

It's the first systematic documentation of the practice in the republic of Dagestan. Reactions from a mufti, a priest and a rabbi have sparked a charged debate.

Clinton Foundation To Drastically Shrink If Hillary Clinton Is Elected

5 hours 18 min ago

The foundation would give up its most recognizable parts, including its major global health and wellness programs.

Gang Rape Of Aid Workers In South Sudan Is A Turning Point

5 hours 52 min ago

The country faces one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world. But the brutal rape has left aid agencies wondering whether to pull out their foreign staff.

Many Baton Rouge Area Schools Remain Closed Due To Flood Damage

5 hours 58 min ago

NPR's Robert Siegel speaks to Rick Wentzel, superintendent of the Livingston Parish School District in Baton Rouge, La., about how the flooding has affected back to school plans. Fifteen of the 46 schools in Wentzel's district were flooded, eight with extensive damage. He does not yet know when they will be opening.

Radio Rookies: Reformed Catcaller Explores Roots Of Street Harassment

5 hours 59 min ago

Growing up, Jared Marcelle watched as older men catcalled women in his Brooklyn neighborhood. He thought it was normal, so as a teenager Marcelle and his friends became those guys. But now he's changed.

New Residential Towers Bring Big Changes To New York's Skyline

5 hours 59 min ago

The New York skyline is undergoing big changes with more than a dozen super tall residential towers going up now. Many of the global ultra-rich who buy these apartments spend just a fraction of the year in them. Critics say they're paying a much lower tax rate than full-time New York residents. But defenders say these luxury buildings support a lot of good jobs and contribute to the local economy.

Persistent Drought Kills Millions Of Trees In California Forests

5 hours 59 min ago

Years of drought have strained California's forests, killing millions of trees and fueling wildfires.

Obama Visits Flood Ravaged Baton Rouge, La.

5 hours 59 min ago

President Obama travels to flood ravaged Baton Rouge, La., on Tuesday, just days after Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump paid a visit.

Syrian Regime Area Residents Suffer Amid Deadly Rebel Offensive

5 hours 59 min ago

Syrian regime attacks like the one that wounded an Aleppo boy in images last week have been commonplace. But recently rebels are attacking civilians on the government side of town as well.

FBI To Release Thousands More Documents In Clinton Email Probe

5 hours 59 min ago

Thousands more emails from Hillary Clinton's time as secretary of state could be released just weeks before the November election.

Lydia Loveless Mixes Desire With Distraction In 'Real'

6 hours 55 min ago

The singer-songwriter began performing at age 14 in a band with her sisters and her father. Critic Ken Tucker says the songs on Loveless' latest solo album, Real, have a "tough edge."

Trump Off Camera: The Man Behind The 'In-Your-Face Provocateur'

6 hours 56 min ago

Biographer Marc Fisher says Donald Trump has lived a "strikingly solitary life given how public he is." Fisher and his Washington Post colleague Michael Kranish are the authors of Trump Revealed.

Wolverine's Mutton Chops To Hugh Jackman: 'This Ain't Over, Bub'

7 hours 30 min ago

The Fire Still (Side)Burns: Jackman recently took to social media to shave off the distinctive facial hair he sported for the role of Wolverine. Those mutton chops are not handling the breakup well.




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