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Assorted stories from NPR
Updated: 1 hour 33 min ago

Leaked Democratic Party Emails Show Members Tried To Undercut Sanders

2 hours 34 min ago

Just days before the Democratic National Committee convention gets underway, WikiLeaks releases almost 20,000 emails among DNC staff, revealing discussions of topics from Bernie Sanders to the media.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf Hopes Democrats Rally Behind Clinton At DNC

3 hours 22 min ago

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf shares a preview of the Democratic National Convention, which takes place in Philadelphia next week.

Comic-Con Fans Continue The Epic Battle Between Science And Fiction

3 hours 22 min ago

Fans of science fiction have long wrestled with the question of just how much science should be in their fiction. Advocates of different approaches met at San Diego's Comic-Con.

Iraqi Dancer's Dreams Cut Short By Terrorism

3 hours 22 min ago

An ISIS bombing in Baghdad killed more than 300 Iraqis in early July. One of them, Adil Al-Faj, known as Adil Euro, went against cultural norms as a break dancer who dreamed of dancing in New York.

Munich Mourns Mass Shooting Victims While Police Search For A Motive

3 hours 22 min ago

The German city of Munich is in shock today, after nine people and a gunman died in a mass shooting Friday. Police are trying to determine the motive of the 18-year-old shooter.

Kabul Bombing Leaves At Least 80 Dead

3 hours 22 min ago

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for a bomb attack in Kabul, Afghanistan that killed at least 80 people and wounded more than 200 Saturday. Reporter Jennifer Glasse speaks from Kabul.

The Rise, Fall And Lasting Influence Of Roger Ailes

3 hours 22 min ago

Roger Ailes' biographer Gabriel Sherman discusses Ailes' influence on conservative politics and what his departure from Fox News means for the network's future.

The Sole Doctor In The Hospital Shoulders The Burden Of HIV

3 hours 22 min ago

Dr. Marlen Baroso works at the health center in Beira, a port city in Mozambique. She treats patients with ailments, accident victims, women in labor — and thousands of people with HIV.

Barbershop: Democrats Talk Core Values In Philadelphia

3 hours 23 min ago

Democrats Malcolm Kenyatta, who is a Clinton delegate, social worker Amy Hoag, and Gary Frazier of Black Men for Bernie are in Philadelphia for the DNC. They discuss challenges facing the party.

Clinton-Kaine Ticket Makes Debut In Miami

3 hours 23 min ago

Hillary Clinton has chosen Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine as the vice presidential nominee for the Democratic ticket for president. They campaigned together for the first time in Miami Saturday.

California's Governor Denies Parole To Former Manson Follower

4 hours 14 min ago

"She remains an unacceptable risk to society if released," Jerry Brown said of Leslie Van Houten, former follower of Charles Manson. She's serving a life sentence for her part in a 1969 killing spree.

Russian Balloonist Circumnavigates The Globe, Claims World Record

6 hours 8 min ago

A 65-year-old Russian adventurer has piloted a balloon around the world solo and non-stop in 11 days, braving air too thin to breath, below-freezing temperatures, storms and barely any sleep.

WATCH: Tim Kaine Makes Campaign Trail Debut: 'I Like To Fight For Right'

6 hours 38 min ago

"Do you want a 'you're fired' president or a 'you're hired' president?" Kaine asked the crowd in Miami.

St. Paul & The Broken Bones, Live In Concert: Newport Folk 2016

7 hours 16 min ago

Listen to the rollicking soul band perform songs from its upcoming sophomore album, Sea Of Noise.

Violent Femmes, Live In Concert: Newport Folk 2016

7 hours 17 min ago

The off-again, on-again rock band from Milwaukee, Wisc., built a careening, playful set around mainstays like "Blister In The Sun" and new songs like "I Could Be Anything."

Where Tim Kaine And Hillary Clinton Stand On Key Issues

8 hours 32 min ago

Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine is Hillary Clinton's running mate. The two agree on how government should tackle abortion and gun control, but disagree on the authorization of military force.

Dozens Killed In Attack On Protest March Of Minority Hazara Community In Kabul

10 hours 6 min ago

Ministry of Health officials say that at least 61 people were killed and 207 were injured in the attack. The Islamic State claimed responsibility, saying it was targeting a "gathering of Shiites."

For These Cosplayers, Geeky Costumes Are The Cat's Pajamas

10 hours 26 min ago

Cosplay has been a fixture of the Comic-Con world for more than a decade. Should our pets be embracing the geekery, too?

Fast-Track Program: Kenyan Runners Join U.S. Army — And Olympic Team

11 hours 19 min ago

A U.S. Army program allows elite athletes to join the military and train in their sport. Four Kenyan distance runners in the U.S. military quickly became citizens and will represent America in Rio.

The Uppermost Aristocracy of the Hoverfly Society

11 hours 19 min ago

Fredrik Sjöberg had been hunting for hoverflies for 30 years. But his collection wasn't complete without the rare and beautiful Callicera fly.




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