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Assorted stories from NPR
Updated: 12 min 3 sec ago

Pope Francis: Church Should Apologize To Gays And Other Marginalized Groups

4 hours 10 min ago

Aboard a flight from Armenia, the pontiff said the Church owes an apology not only to gay people, but also to other marginalized groups. "We Christians must say we are sorry," he said.

Amid Violence At White Nationalist Rally In Sacramento, At Least 7 Hospitalized

6 hours 21 min ago

The rally unraveled into violence just outside the California Capitol on Sunday. Several were stabbed in the midst of the chaos. As yet, Sacramento police have made no arrests.

More Songs From Your 'Brexit' Mixtape

6 hours 34 min ago

Following the aftermath of the U.K.'s decision to leave the European Union, listeners share more of their post-'Brexit' songs.

During Ramadan In Cairo, It's Eat, Pray, Drum

6 hours 34 min ago

Drummers travel Cairo's streets every morning during the Ramadan holiday month and wake people for their pre-dawn meal. NPR's Leila Fadel went along with one of them.

'Brexit' Songs: Here Are Your Picks

6 hours 34 min ago

Yesterday we asked for your picks for the songs that represent the feeling in the U.K. right now. Here are some of your suggestions.

'Brain Drain' As Educated Young People Leave Venezuela

6 hours 34 min ago

The Venezuela crisis has been creating a diaspora, as young educated Venezuelans move abroad for better opportunities. Maria Alesia Sosa is one of those. She's now a journalist in Miami.

Running Out Of Food, Medicine And Patience In Venezuela

6 hours 34 min ago

Venezuela is in crisis as inflation worsens and many grocery stores are empty, triggering riots. Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez of the Venezuelan newspaper El Nacional explains how it reached this point.

Amid Housing Shortage, Berlin Bans Short-Term Rentals

6 hours 34 min ago

The Berlin government has imposed a ban on short-term rentals using sites like Airbnb. They say rentals are causing a housing shortage and high rents — but renters say they are being scapegoated.

'Brexit' Repercussions Continue In U.K. Politics

6 hours 34 min ago

Several leading members of Britain's Labor Party have resigned and Scottish leaders are considering pulling out of the U.K. Journalist David Torrance has the latest on the 'Brexit' vote fallout.

Supreme Court Expected To Rule On Abortion Case

6 hours 34 min ago

Some are calling the case over a controversial Texas law the most important abortion rights case in a generation. The Supreme Court's ruling could affect millions of women in several states.

For Israel's Volunteer Police, Many Powers But Little Oversight

6 hours 34 min ago

Most of the police you see on the streets in Israel are actually citizen volunteers. They outnumber the country's 30,000 professional officers.

Expanded Canal Opens In Panama

6 hours 35 min ago

After about a decade of construction and a $5 billion price tag, a new, bigger canal has opened in Panama. It's been a source of national pride for Panamanians.

Waters Begin To Recede, Leaving Disaster In West Virginia

6 hours 35 min ago

President Obama has declared a major disaster in West Virginia after flooding killed at least 24 people. The town of Rainelle started to clean up today as waters began to recede.

3 Hours In Orlando: Piecing Together An Attack And Its Aftermath

6 hours 48 min ago

Thanks to police and FBI records and witness accounts, it's becoming clearer — if still impossible to comprehend — what transpired in Orlando in the early hours of June 12.

VIDEO: 'Call Me Maybe' Parody Pokes Fun At India's Marriage Ads

8 hours 57 min ago

A trio of female college students didn't like the way "matrimonial adverts" depict women. So they wrote a song about it.

After 'Brexit' Vote, Labour Leader Faces Open Revolt Inside His Party

9 hours 27 min ago

The U.K.'s dramatic decision to leave the European Union has set off a mutiny within the opposition party against leader Jeremy Corbyn. At least nine ministers have resigned from the shadow cabinet.

As Panama Canal Reopens, Many In The Country Feel Left Out Of Its Windfalls

10 hours 28 min ago

The Panama Canal reopens Sunday, with an expanded lane allowing mega ships to pass. It's good news for the nation, but residents in the city of Colon, near the canal, think they're being shortchanged.

WATCH: Inauguration Of The $5 Billion Panama Canal Expansion

12 hours 33 min ago

The colorful ceremony celebrating the culmination of this $5 billion project has featured dancing flowers, dragons and a marching band. The first large cargo ship is making its way through expansion.

Iraqi Forces Claim Victory Over ISIS In Fallujah

12 hours 50 min ago

Iraqi forces say they have wrested control of Fallujah from Islamic State militants after nearly 5 weeks of intense fighting. The militant group has controlled the city for the past 2 ½ years.

Obama Declares Major Disaster In West Virginia After Historic Flooding

14 hours 34 min ago

The flooding has left at least 24 people dead and devastated communities. The historic floods are the worst in a century for some parts of the state. At least 100 homes were destroyed or damaged.




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