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Assorted stories from NPR
Updated: 1 hour 3 min ago

Peace Corps Teams Up With First Lady To 'Let Girls Learn'

1 hour 59 min ago

The Peace Corp will recruit and train about 650 additional volunteers to focus on girls' education around the world. The expansion is part of a larger program launched by Michelle Obama Tuesday.

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Why Shark Finning Bans Aren't Keeping Sharks Off The Plate (Yet)

2 hours 38 min ago

Fewer shark fins are being imported into Hong Kong, the epicenter of shark-fin soup, a culinary delicacy. But while the trade in shark fins may be down, the trade in shark meat is still going strong.

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Clinton Foundation Funding Woes Touch Hillary, Too

2 hours 56 min ago

With Clinton potentially prepping for a presidential run, her role in the Clinton Foundation raises questions about big contributions from foreign governments, corporations and individuals.

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Round 2: Health Care Law Faces The Supreme Court Again

3 hours 51 min ago

In King v. Burwell, Obamacare's opponents are challenging the ACA again, this time contending that a section of the law doesn't authorize subsidies to make mandated insurance affordable in 34 states.

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House Passes No-Strings-Attached Bill To Fund Homeland Security

4 hours 3 min ago

An effort by some congressional Republicans to block President Obama's executive actions on immigration by tying it to a Homeland Security spending bill officially failed on Tuesday.

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Should Hotel Owners Be Forced To Hand Over Guest Records To Police?

4 hours 23 min ago

Hypotheticals about hunting lodges and Motel 6 saved the oral argument at the Supreme Court today from being strangled by legal weeds.

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'Minnie Monoso,' First Black Latin Professional Baseball Player, Dies

4 hours 27 min ago

NPR's Robert Siegel talks with Roberto González Echevarría, author of The Pride of Havana, about baseball player Minnie Minoso (as he was known in the U.S.). Minoso died Sunday.

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4 Reasons Both Parties Should Be Sweating Bullets Over King V. Burwell

4 hours 29 min ago

The biggest political threat of the latest challenge to Obamacare is to the president, but Republicans wouldn't be winners either.

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Ferguson Political Leader: DOJ Report Validates Protesters

4 hours 33 min ago

The Justice Department is set to release a report that condemns the Ferguson, Mo., Police Department for its discriminatory practices.

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FDA Mandates Tougher Warnings On Testosterone

4 hours 47 min ago

The agency says the labels for testosterone drugs must state they aren't approved to fight aging and may increase the risk for heart attacks and strokes.

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Official Says FAA Is Trying To Keep Hackers Out Of Air Traffic Control

4 hours 59 min ago

FAA Administrator Michael Huerta tells a House panel some vulnerabilities reported in a congressional study have been fixed, and the agency is working on others.

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In France, Young Muslims Often Straddle Two Worlds

5 hours 15 min ago

An estimated 40 percent of France's 7 million Muslims live in and around Paris, many of them in the poor suburbs. It's hard to escape the banlieues, even for those who work or attend school elsewhere.

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Tea Tuesdays: Kenyan Farmers See Green In The Color Purple

5 hours 16 min ago

Kenya has spent 25 years developing a purple "supertea" with high levels of antioxidants. The hope is that the tea will appeal to health-minded consumers and revive the country's struggling industry.

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Internet Memes And 'The Right To Be Forgotten'

5 hours 18 min ago

Becoming Internet-famous is a gold mine for some, a nightmare for others. The world of memes can pit free speech against the desire for privacy. And laws generally aren't keeping up, an expert says.

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Not Clearing The Snow Off Your Car Before Driving Could Cost You

5 hours 25 min ago

A Pennsylvania lawmaker wants to fine people who don't clean snow off their cars before getting on the road. Other states have similar laws. But for trucks, clearing the snow poses its own hazard.

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Mom Of 12-Year-Old Killed By Cleveland Police Says She's Still Waiting For Apology

5 hours 28 min ago

Tamir Rice's mother, Samaria, said she felt disrespected when in a court filing, the city blamed her son for his own death. Rice was playing a replica gun when he was shot and killed by an officer.

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Attica Prison Guards Plead Guilty To Misconduct After Beating Inmate

5 hours 35 min ago

In 2011, the three guards in New York state beat inmate George Williams so badly that he suffered two broken legs, broken ribs, a broken shoulder and a severe fracture of his eye socket.

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Music Review: 'Soyo' By Dom La Nena

5 hours 41 min ago

Dom La Nena is a singer and cellist from Brazil. But the 24-year-old artist draws inspiration from her travels around the world and sings in four different languages on her sophomore album, Soyo.

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Marion, Ala., Remembers Death That Sparked 1965 Selma Marches

5 hours 41 min ago

The Selma-to-Montgomery marches might not have happened if not for the death of Jimmie Lee Jackson a few weeks before in Marion, Ala. NPR returned to Marion as people remembered Jackson and how his death was a catalyst for many other civil rights events in 1965.

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Affordable Care Act To Face Critical Test At Supreme Court

5 hours 41 min ago

The president's signature accomplishment — the Affordable Care Act — faces yet another critical test. On Wednesday the Supreme Court will hear arguments on whether Congress intended for the federal health insurance exchange to offer the same subsidies available to those in state exchanges.

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