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Assorted stories from NPR
Updated: 1 hour 39 min ago

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Resigns

4 hours 24 min ago

Hagel stepped down under pressure amid multiple foreign policy crises, including the rise of the Islamic State group.

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Israel's Cabinet OKs Controversial Nationality Measure

4 hours 25 min ago

The bill, which must be approved by parliament, defines Israel as "the nation-state of the Jewish people." It has angered not only Israel's Arab citizens, but also members of the coalition government.

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Merck Partners With NewLink To Speed Up Work On Ebola Vaccine

4 hours 30 min ago

The experimental NewLink vaccine is based on a harmless virus that has been genetically engineered to incorporate bits of the Ebola virus. Testing of the vaccine has begun in healthy volunteers.

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Theo Parrish, 'Be In Yo Self'

5 hours 11 min ago

A funky tour de force from one of the world's most revered techno artists.

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Tools Of The Trade: The Presidential Physical Fitness Test

5 hours 35 min ago

For many, the now-retired national fitness test evokes dread. A timed mile run, pull-ups, curl-ups, a shuttle run and the v-sit. All for a small blue patch.

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Secretary Of Defense Hagel To Resign

6 hours 2 min ago

Chuck Hagel's resignation comes amid concern over the rise of ISIS, also known as the Islamic State, and a return of U.S. troops to Iraq. President Obama is announcing the move Monday morning.

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Book News: Note That Helped Put Kerouac 'On The Road' Is Now On The Block

6 hours 35 min ago

Once thought lost to a watery grave, Neal Cassady's letter to Jack Kerouac, which inspired On the Road, has resurfaced and will be sold Dec. 17. Also: Daniel Handler delivers on his $110,000 apology.

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'Ferguson Forward': Churchgoers Seek A New Normal

6 hours 52 min ago

Spiritual leaders are praying for calm, but preparing for everything, as they wait for a grand jury decision in the shooting of Michael Brown.

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Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Will Step Down

7 hours 1 min ago

The news comes as troops pull out of Afghanistan and begin a new offensive against the Islamic State. The New York Times cites officials saying that fight would "demand a different kind of focus."

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With Long-Term Deal Elusive, Iran Nuclear Talks Are Extended

8 hours 6 min ago

The two sides had set a deadline of today to hammer out a deal, curbing Iran's nuclear programs. Instead, Western powers and Iran agreed to a second extension of talks.

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Hospital 'Shocks' Fathers-To-Be

8 hours 25 min ago

If men want to understand child birth, a hospital in China will simulate contractions. A nurse will shock a man's abdomen with electrodes for up to five minutes.

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Investigation Begins Of Fatal Police Shooting Of 12-Year-Old

8 hours 58 min ago

A police officer fired on 12-year-old Tamir Rice because they mistook a replica gun for a real one. A family friend asked why police couldn't have used less lethal force.

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Polish Town Thinks Winnie The Pooh Needs A Pair Of Pants

9 hours 6 min ago

The beloved storybook character probably won't have a new playground named after him in one Polish town. Some officials there complained about the bear's immodest clothing.

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Ferguson Clergy Appeal For Calm Ahead Of Grand Jury's Decision

11 hours 15 min ago

There is no announcement yet from the grand jury investigating the death of Michael Brown, an unarmed, black, 18-year-old. The panel is deciding whether to indict a white police officer in his death.

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After 50 Years, Obama To Honor 3 Civil Rights Activists

11 hours 15 min ago

President Obama posthumously honors James Cheney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The three were killed during Mississippi's Freedom Summer 50 years ago.

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D.C.'s Mayor For Life Ends His Reign, Marion Barry Dies At 78

11 hours 15 min ago

Barry was a controversial politician whose political career took a turn when he was convicted of drug possession. Renee Montagne talks Kevin Merida of The Washington Post about Barry's comebacks.

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Obama's Immigration Stance Polarizes Political Sides

11 hours 15 min ago

President Obama announced last week his plans for immigration changes that do an end run around Congress. Not surprisingly, Republicans are upset that the president is using executive actions to push through the change he wants.

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Insurgent Bombing Strikes Afghan Volleyball Tournament

11 hours 15 min ago

An unidentified suicide bomber attacked a volleyball tournament in eastern Afghanistan on Sunday, killing at least 50 people. This comes after the lower house of Afghanistan's parliament approved the agreement to keep U.S. troops in the country past the end of the year.

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Al Michaels On Great Moments In Sports That He's Witnessed

11 hours 15 min ago

Sportscaster Al Michaels' book covers Super Bowls, Olympics, World Series and working with legends. David Greene meets the man behind the call to talk about his book, You Can't Make This Up.

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Executive Order On Immigration Creates Demand For Legal Advice

11 hours 15 min ago

Legal aid groups say they are already overwhelmed by demand for their services and wonder how they will handle a new influx of illegal immigrants seeking assistance. Steve Inskeep talks to Michael Kagan, a law professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, who also co-directs a clinic that offers free legal aid to immigrants.

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