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Trump Makes Appeal To Black Voters – In Mostly White Communities

Sun, 08/21/2016 - 8:27am

Trump is hoping to woo black voters back to the "Party of Lincoln." While African Americans are a reliable voting bloc for Democrats, his poll numbers are especially low even for a Republican nominee.

Trump's Appeal To Black Voters May Repeat Past Mistakes Of GOP Outreach

Sun, 08/21/2016 - 8:27am

Speaking for "the party of Lincoln" before mostly white crowds, Trump's focus on crime and poverty may have another benefit if it doesn't boost support from African-American voters.

Louisiana Ignored Dire Forecasts And Flash Flood Warnings

Sun, 08/21/2016 - 8:24am

Tens of thousands in Louisiana were surprised by floods last week. In a changing climate, what more can be done to warn communities that the weather can do things they aren't used to?

What It's Really Like To 'Walk' In Space

Sun, 08/21/2016 - 8:23am

The International Space Station conducted a spacewalk this week to mark 15 years in space. Three people who've walked in space share their miraculous — and miserable — experiences.

'Carry On' Tells The Story Of Unlikely Bond Between 2 Athletes That Changed 3 Lives

Sun, 08/21/2016 - 8:21am

NPR's Rachel Martin talks with Lisa Fenn, the author of "Carry On: A Story of Resilience, Redemption, and an Unlikely Family," and the two athletes Fenn profiled, Dartanyon Crockett and Leroy Sutton.

Hopping On Hashtag Bandwagon, Host Rachel Martin Recounts Her #FirstSevenJobs

Sun, 08/21/2016 - 8:20am

Social media feeds have been peppered with the hashtag #firstsevenjobs for the past few weeks. NPR's Rachel Martin shares her list, from store window mannequin to English teacher in Japan.

In Drought-Stricken California, There's No Longer A Fire "Season"

Sun, 08/21/2016 - 8:17am

The state now sees wildfires that are on average bigger than ever and that burn through more of the year. Cal Fire's Southern Region information officer Michael Mohler speaks to Rachel Martin.

Amid Heightened Tension Between Law Enforcement And Public, What Draws New Recruits?

Sun, 08/21/2016 - 8:16am

When the risk and mistrust outweigh the financial gain, who becomes a police officer? William Noel in Annapolis, Md., tells Rachel Martin about joining the force.

Brother Of Omran Daqneesh, Bloodied Syrian Boy Pictured In Viral Image, Has Died

Sun, 08/21/2016 - 8:15am

Images of 5-year-old Omran Daqneesh, stunned after he was pulled from the rubble in Aleppo, have resonated worldwide. Activists say his brother was injured in the same airstrike and later died.

Money Race Accelerates For Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump

Sun, 08/21/2016 - 7:10am

Both candidates had record months for collecting cash.

Excitement, Frustration, Glory: The Olympics — Or Science?

Sun, 08/21/2016 - 3:55am

There is a hero-like narrative in science that is not that far from a sports narrative — the striving for success with the hope of bringing something unimagined to the field, says Marcelo Gleiser.

Ryan Lochte To NBC's Matt Lauer On Rio Incident: 'I Was Immature'

Sat, 08/20/2016 - 11:31pm

The U.S. swimmer seemed contrite as he took "full responsibility" for an exaggerated version of the events. He apologized for tarnishing the accomplishments of Olympians with his "immature behavior."

Matt Centrowitz Takes 1,500; First U.S. Winner Since 1908

Sat, 08/20/2016 - 8:30pm

In an action packed night on the track, Mo Farah completed a tough distance running double, winning the 5,000 meters to go with his earlier victory in the 10,000 meters.

Turkish Officials Say At Least 22 Killed, 94 Injured In Wedding Bombing

Sat, 08/20/2016 - 6:59pm

The blast ripped through the celebration in the southeastern Turkish city of Gaziantep on Saturday. The Turkish deputy prime minister says the attack appears to have been the work of a suicide bomber.

Brazil Beats Germany On Penalty Kicks, Winning First Olympic Gold Medal

Sat, 08/20/2016 - 6:37pm

Brazilian star Neymar opened the scoring midway through the first half, bending a beautiful free kick. More than an hour later, he finished the game off on a penalty kick.

PHOTOS: Welcome To The World's 'Highest And Longest' Glass-Bottomed Bridge

Sat, 08/20/2016 - 4:33pm

The bridge is elegantly stretched between two peaks in China, where visitors can gaze under their feet at the canyon — a vertigo-inducing 328 yards below.

For Parents Who Have Lost A Baby, Some Aid In Their Grapple With Grief

Sat, 08/20/2016 - 4:24pm

Parents who lose a child to miscarriage or stillbirth often feel like they're going through it alone. But the experience is actually common in the U.S. — and one group is trying to help them cope.

Hugo Nominee Nnedi Okorafor Breaks Down Her Sci-Fi Writing

Sat, 08/20/2016 - 4:16pm

Host Farai Chideya speaks with science-fiction writer and Hugo Award nominee Nnedi Okorafor about diversity in the genre.

For Students Studying Abroad, International Unrest Presents Hard Decisions

Sat, 08/20/2016 - 4:14pm

Elizabeth Redden, who covers international higher education for Inside Higher Ed, explains how unrest and instability around the world affects study abroad programs.

Barbershop: Discussing Controversies Around Nathan Parker And Ryan Lochte

Sat, 08/20/2016 - 4:02pm

Host Farai Chideya speaks with The Atlantic writer Gillian White, Washington Post reporter Alyssa Rosenburg and Farajii Mohammad about the Nate Parker sexual assault case.




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