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Panel Round Two

Sat, 06/25/2016 - 11:11am

More questions for the panel...Hospital Food, Saudi Audi.

Bluff The Listener

Sat, 06/25/2016 - 11:11am

Our panelists tell three stories about a new way someone is saving relationships, only one of which is true.

Panel Round One

Sat, 06/25/2016 - 11:11am

Our panelists answer questions about the week's news...Plane Scary, Canadian Club

Who's Bill This Time

Sat, 06/25/2016 - 11:11am

Bill Kurtis reads three quotes from the week's news...Will Sit For Donuts, Campaign Pains, Olympic Trials

Not My Job: We Ask NBA Star Terry Porter About Trail Blazers

Sat, 06/25/2016 - 11:11am

In the 1990s, the Portland Trail Blazers were one of the most dominant teams in the NBA. We've invited one of the team's stars to answer three questions about people who've blazed their own trails.

#NPRreads: Drink In These 3 Stories This Weekend

Sat, 06/25/2016 - 8:57am

June 18, 2016 • Correspondents, editors and producers from our newsroom share the pieces that have kept them reading, using the #NPRreads hashtag. Each weekend, we highlight some of the best stories.

EU's Founding Members Urge The U.K. To Quickly Exit The Bloc

Sat, 06/25/2016 - 8:13am

Six European Union foreign ministers at a crisis meeting in Berlin say they want to avoid a period of uncertainty, a day after referendum results showed that Britain has voted to leave the EU.

Fresh Air Weekend: 'Veep' Actor Tony Hale; Sobriety And Sex; 'What A Fish Knows'

Sat, 06/25/2016 - 8:00am

Hale talks about playing "anxious characters" on Arrested Development and Veep. Sarah Hepola had to rethink her sex life after she quit drinking. Jonathan Balcombe discusses the inner lives of fish.

What The 'Brexit' Means For The Pro Soccer World

Sat, 06/25/2016 - 7:32am

NPR's Tom Goldman tells NPR's Scott Simon what the Brexit vote might mean for the world of professional soccer.

Fire-Walkers At Motivational Seminar Treated For Minor Burn Injuries

Sat, 06/25/2016 - 7:32am

There are times that the power of the mind is not enough. About 40 people who walked on hot coals at a Tony Robbins seminar in Dallas ended up with burns, with several landing in the hospital.

Trump Lags Behind Clinton In 'Ground Game' Support

Sat, 06/25/2016 - 7:32am

When running for office, you need a good "ground game." Some say Trump lacks what's needed to get out the vote. NPR's Scott Simon speaks with Rob Jesmer, formerly with the RNC, about what that means.

23 Killed In Historic West Virgina Flooding

Sat, 06/25/2016 - 7:32am

Some of the worst flooding in the state in 100 years is being blamed for the deaths of more than 20 people. Reporter Ashton Marra tells Scott Simon that many died trapped in their cars and homes.

Why A Semi-Automatic Rifle Owner Supports Stricter Gun Laws

Sat, 06/25/2016 - 7:32am

Not all gun-rights advocates support the NRA's opposition to gun control. NPR's Scott Simon speaks to Mike Weisser, a semi-automatic rifle owner and seller, who wants much stricter controls.

Kip Winger Explores His Classical Side

Sat, 06/25/2016 - 7:32am

You might remember the hair band Winger and its MTV hit "Seventeen." The band's namesake, bassist Kip Winger, has another side: classical composer.

Chicago Energized By Naitonal Gun Control Reform Movement

Sat, 06/25/2016 - 7:32am

Gun control advocates in Chicago, where gun violence has reached epidemic proportions, are energized by this week's sit-in by Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives.

'The Hot Sardines' Album: French Fries & Champagne

Sat, 06/25/2016 - 7:32am

"French Fries and Champagne" is The Hot Sardines' new album. Singer Elizabeth Bougerol and band leader Evan Palazzo tell NPR's Scott Simon Craigslist helped them turn their hobby into a music career.

A Grisly, Humorous Dissection Of Morality In 'Anatomy Theatre'

Sat, 06/25/2016 - 7:32am

It was once thought that evil resided inside the body. So murderers were dissected to find it. That macabre practice is the subject of a dark but funny new opera, "Anatomy Theatre."

Novelist Chris Cleave On 'Brexit': 'We've Just Shot Ourselves In Both Feet'

Sat, 06/25/2016 - 7:32am

Younger Britons overwhelmingly voted to stay in the European Union. NPR's Scott Simon talks to British novelist Chris Cleave about the reaction in London to the decision to leave.

Pope Francis Denounces Armenian Genocide

Sat, 06/25/2016 - 7:32am

To avoid angering Turkey, some are loathe to describe the killing of 1.5 million Armenians as genocide. Pope Francis, who's in Yerevan for the 100-year commemorations, is not shy about using the term.

'Brexit': What U.K.'s Vote To Leave Could Mean For EU Countries

Sat, 06/25/2016 - 7:32am

NPR's Scott Simon speaks with journalist Matt Frei, Europe Editor for Channel 4 News, about the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union and the impact on the continent's political future.




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