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Updated: 1 hour 24 min ago

In Alaska's Remote Towns, Climate Change Is Already Leaving Many Hungry

10 hours 5 min ago

Melting ice has made it harder to hunt walrus, a traditional staple for Native Alaskans. Warmer temps mean caribou aren't where hunters used to find them. It all adds up to more food insecurity.

Minicomics May Be Small, But They Pack Big Thrills

10 hours 5 min ago

Minicomics are kind of a relic — few artists now want to go to the trouble of printing and distributing paper comics. But there are still a few out there that are worth the trouble of hunting down.

First Watch: Flock Of Dimes, 'Semaphore'

10 hours 6 min ago

In a beautifully animated new video, Wye Oak's Jenn Wasner shows off the poppy side of her sound.

Second Night Of Democratic Convention Augurs Return Of The Age Of Clinton

10 hours 50 min ago

Bill Clinton contrasted the "real" woman he knew and the "cartoon" version sketched by critics at the Republican convention last week — congratulating the Democratic delegates on choosing the former.

At Democratic Convention, Obama To Rally For Clinton — And His Own Legacy

11 hours 5 min ago

President Obama hopes to "pass the baton" to Hillary Clinton — not just because he supports her but because a Republican president could reverse some of his signature initiatives.

As Biden Steps Into DNC Spotlight, A Lingering 'What If'

11 hours 5 min ago

The tragic death of the vice president's son derailed his own hopes for the White House. But he once had better approval ratings than Clinton and may have been a more competitive nominee.

Ready, Set, Play: A Top 10 'Playlist' From The Nation's Children's Museums

11 hours 5 min ago

Lasers and lava and mummies, oh my! Here are the exhibits that kids and their grown-ups love the most from 10 of the nation's best children's museums.

3 Questions Ahead Of President Obama's DNC Speech

11 hours 6 min ago

A Clinton win means that the president's policy legacy is kept intact, but a Trump victory makes the election all about a backlash to Obama's tenure.

A Hemingway Who Looks Just Like Ernest

11 hours 50 min ago

A Key West bar holds an annual Ernest Hemingway look-alike contest. For the first time, an actual Hemingway won. Dave Hemingway (no relation) says he also likes to fish, drink and have a good time.

While Democrats Get Behind Clinton, Trump Spotlights Their Discord

11 hours 50 min ago

As Democrats formally nominated Hillary Clinton, some Bernie Sanders supporters walked out of the convention in protest. Meanwhile, Donald Trump has been mocking disunity in the Democratic Party.

TV Actors Make Big Money, So Why Grumble Over NFL Salaries?

11 hours 50 min ago

Think NFL players' multimillion-dollar salaries are outrageous? ESPN's Pablo Torre says given the big TV dollars the NFL rakes in, players' incomes should really be compared to Hollywood paychecks.

Forget Instagram. We've Been Showing Off Fancy Food For Centuries

11 hours 50 min ago

Scroll through social feeds long enough, and you're bound to come across someone gloating about their incredible meal. But exotic or aspirational foods have been used in Western art for 500 years.

A Historic Night At The Democratic Convention

11 hours 50 min ago

On the night Hillary Clinton became the first woman nominated a presidential candidate from a major party, Bill Clinton painted an affectionate portrait of his wife before a rapt convention audience.

Dressed To Dazzle, The Struts Want To Make Rock Fun Again

11 hours 50 min ago

Frontman Luke Spiller talks about how he draws inspiration from glittery bands of the 1970s, especially Queen.

In Rio, Olympics Preparations Come Down To The Wire

11 hours 51 min ago

The Summer Games in Brazil are days away, but at least half of the Olympic village — the luxury accommodation where the athletes are staying — has had to undergo last-minute repairs, officials say.

Julian Castro On Obama's Legacy, Latino Voter Turnout

11 hours 51 min ago

HUD Secretary Julian Castro discusses President Obama's legacy on the economy and immigration and how Donald Trump is likely to influence Latino turnout in the November election.

Why The First Name On The Ballot Often Wins

11 hours 51 min ago

Presidential elections draw lots of attention, but voters also have to make lots of less familiar choices. The order in which their names are listed on the ballot can help candidates, a study shows.

In Turkey, Government Citics Say Crackdown Is No Surprise

11 hours 51 min ago

Most critics of Turkey's president are silent these days, but the few who are talking say the ongoing crackdown is just an acceleration of the ruling party's policy for at least the past year.

For Men Tortured By Chicago Police, Payments Only Go So Far In Repairing Lives

11 hours 51 min ago

The city of Chicago has made payouts to several dozen men who were tortured into confessions by police officers decades ago. We examine what receiving the money has meant to the men.

Obama Has Much Riding On Clinton's Candidacy

11 hours 51 min ago

When President Obama takes the stage tonight at the Democratic convention, he looks to give Hillary Clinton's candidacy a boost. But for Obama, his legacy is also at stake in the 2016 campaign.




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