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Assorted stories from NPR
Updated: 1 hour 34 min ago

Chicago Braces For Black Lives Matter Protests

9 hours 5 min ago

City officials plan to release video of the police shooting last year of African-American 17-year-old Laquan McDonald.

Turkey Downs Russian Fighter Jet, Increasing Tensions

9 hours 11 min ago

Russian officials dispute Turkey's claim that the fighter jet strayed from the Syrian side of the border into Turkey.

Common ADHD Medications Do Indeed Disturb Children's Sleep

9 hours 12 min ago

There's been plenty of disagreement over whether stimulant drugs used to treat ADHD interfere with children's sleep. A review of studies finds the drugs make it harder to fall asleep and stay asleep.

New Mix: Missy Elliot, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, PWR BTTM And More

9 hours 22 min ago

This week we have new music from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, the glorious return of Missy Elliott, a cut from PWR BTTM and more songs that will make you smile.

Why Would Turkey Shoot Down A Russian Plane?

9 hours 24 min ago

Both countries oppose the Islamic State, but they have different goals in Syria and have been eyeing each other warily since Russia's military intervened recently.

A Pope's Visit May Bring Hope But Does It Also Bring Change?

9 hours 30 min ago

During a papal visit, the media swarm and security is intense. He speaks of issues that face the country. After he goes, is there any lasting legacy?

The Kentucky Headhunters On Mountain Stage

9 hours 45 min ago

The influential country rock band performs some of its most beloved hits.

First-Degree Murder Charge For Chicago Police Officer In Black Teen's Death

9 hours 48 min ago

Laquan McDonald was shot 16 times in October of 2014, after he refused to follow officers' instructions as he walked down a street with a knife.

Songs We Love: Baaba Maal, 'Fulani Rock'

10 hours 22 min ago

The Senegalese vocal master meets The Very Best producer and causes a mighty rhythmic ruckus.

'Masking' Memories: Thanksgiving In Disguise

10 hours 38 min ago

In the early 20th century, Americans wore gaudy costumes and bizarre masks, and some roved the streets begging for candy and treats — at Thanksgiving time.

Going Live (Or Not): NPR's Complicated Approach To Breaking News

10 hours 42 min ago

When news breaks, how NPR responds depends on more than just good news judgment.

Trying To Build Robust Coalition Against ISIS, Hollande Arrives In Washington

11 hours 2 min ago

French President François Hollande is scheduled to meet with President Obama Tuesday. He'll meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday.

Laddio Bolocko, 'Nurser (Live in Jönköping, Sweden 2000)'

11 hours 4 min ago

The late '90s NYC noise-rock band played with a white-hot intensity that turned surreal. Watch a grainy and grueling video of Laddio Bolocko live at the height of its powers.

5 People Are Shot At Site Of Black Lives Matter Protest In Minneapolis

13 hours 12 min ago

Police said they were looking for three white male suspects. Witnesses said the men opened on protesters after they were asked to leave. Five people suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

100-Year-Old Piece Of Wedding Cake Found In Attic

13 hours 39 min ago

Ron Warninger of Yakima, Wash., recently discovered part of his grandparents wedding cake — saved since 1915. He says the fancy white icing could be a difficult chew — it's petrified.

100-Year-Old Piece Of Wedding Cake Found In Attack

13 hours 39 min ago

Ron Warninger of Yakima, Wash., recently discovered part of his grandparents wedding cake — saved since 1915. He says the fancy white icing could be a difficult chew — it's petrified.

A Mother Hangs Her Hopes On A New High School

13 hours 43 min ago

No school can succeed without the support of the families who send their children there.

Americans Weigh In On Excitement

13 hours 47 min ago

Which of these events is the most exciting: Super Bowl, Iowa caucuses or the new Star Wars movie? A Bloomberg Politics poll says it's the Super Bowl followed by the Iowa caucuses.

Philosopher At Play: The Twisty Epiphanies Of 'Memory Theater'

14 hours 13 min ago

Simon Critchley, a British philosopher, has penned an offbeat essay — or is it an autobiographical novel? A memoir thick with fictions? Whatever it is, Memory Theater makes for a delightful read.

Turkey Says It Shot Down A Russian Warplane Near Border With Syria

14 hours 27 min ago

Russia said its plane was flying "only within the borders of Syrian territory." Turkey said the plane violated its airspace.




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