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Assorted stories from NPR
Updated: 1 hour 38 min ago

U.S. Economy Gains 160,000 Jobs In April; Unemployment Rate Holds Steady

11 hours 44 min ago

Analysts had expected the economy to gain significantly more jobs. The economy has gained an average of about 250,000 jobs monthly for the past six months.

Geologists Find Clues In Crater Left By Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid

12 hours 1 sec ago

Scientists drilling beneath the Gulf of Mexico have hit the layer deposited when an asteroid the size of Staten Island, N.Y., hit Earth. Samples might contain details from that fateful day.

This Weekend, Kim Jong Un Will Be Heard, Unlike His More Elusive Father

12 hours 35 min ago

As North Korea holds its first Workers' Party Congress in 36 years, Kim Jong Un will be looking to consolidate his power in a way his father Kim Jong Il never did: by speaking publicly.

'The Beast Is Still Up': Alberta Wildfires Rage; Evacuees Told To Wait It Out

12 hours 54 min ago

"We're still here, we're still battling," regional fire chief Darby Allen told residents last night. He added, "The beast is still up, it's surrounding the city.

Review: Anohni, 'Hopelessness'

13 hours 29 min ago

This vivid, unabashed protest album pairs Anohni's unmistakable voice with contemporary synthetic sounds by Hudson Mohawke and Oneohtrix Point Never, yet finds ways to be truly unnerving.

University Threatens To Stop Annual Undie Run

13 hours 33 min ago

Hundreds of students at Colorado State University peel off their clothes, except for their underwear, and run. The clothes are given to charity. The school wants to end the tradition.

Deep Inside New York's JFK Airport, There's A High School

13 hours 44 min ago

Aviation High School mixes advanced academics with aviation mechanics — and a paid internship at a big airline.

Maggotfest Attracts Rugby Teams To Montana

13 hours 47 min ago

At Maggotfest in Missoula, you can see rugby players wearing plaid bell bottoms and ugly sweaters. Teams come to compete for glory — wearing the most horrible clothing they can get their hands on.

Free Comic Book Day 2016: Even Archie Has Something New To Say

14 hours 29 min ago

Glen Weldon runs down all 50 of the books on offer for Free Comic Book Day and explains how you can get your share of the goods.

Texas Judge Refuses to License Childcare Facility In Immigrant Detention Center

15 hours 22 min ago

The judge blocked a state agency from licensing the facility inside a private detention facility for undocumented mothers and children who have crossed the Texas-Mexico border.

The View From Montana, Where Guns Are An Important Election Issue

15 hours 24 min ago

As part of our series, "A View From Here," David Greene talks to U.S. Senator Jon Tester of Montana about some of the issues that matter most to voters from his state and the rural West.

Philippine Presidential Candidate Accused Of Using Death Squads

15 hours 24 min ago

The front-runner in the May 9 Philippine presidential election is Rodrigo Duterte, a law and order type who critics admit cleaned up the city where he's mayor. But they say his methods are suspect.

Montana's Oil Boom Fades Ahead Of The 2016 Presidential Election

15 hours 24 min ago

"Morning Edition" is broadcasting from Bozeman, Montana, to get a view from the state in this presidential election year. The oil industry had been going gangbusters and then oil prices began to drop. What's it like to live in a place with such extremes, and what can the government do to stabilize things?

Trump Steps Up Attacks Against Hillary Clinton During West Virginia Rally

15 hours 24 min ago

Donald Trump held his first campaign event since being assured of the Republican presidential nomination. He held a rally in West Virginia coal country Thursday evening. The state holds its primary on Tuesday.

Singer Gives Back By Teaching Music To Kids With Learning Disabilities

15 hours 24 min ago

"Morning Edition" is broadcasting from the Feed Cafe in Bozeman, Montana. David Greene talks to singer-songwriter Jenn Adams who has been performing the music for the stories about Montana.

After 7 Seasons, CBS Says Goodbye To 'The Good Wife'

15 hours 24 min ago

CBS's drama, The Good Wife, with its pioneering depiction of a working professional mom in a troubled marriage has remained popular with critics and viewers alike. The last new episode airs on Sunday.

Glacier National Park Gives Montanans A Close View Of Climate Change

15 hours 24 min ago

David Greene visits Glacier National Park in Montana to explore the extent to which concerns involving climate change may inform Montanans' view of the presidential election.

2016 Should Be A Good Year For New Graduates To Launch A Career

15 hours 24 min ago

Job prospects for college and high school graduates are looking better this year than they have in a very long time. Except for the energy sector, many industries are searching for young talent now.

In Big Sky Country, Land Rights Are A Major Issue For Montana Ranchers

15 hours 24 min ago

As part of Morning Edition's "A View From Here" series, David Greene visits ranchers in central Montana to hear how the struggles over land rights may inform their views of the presidential election.

Presidential Election Redefines Debate Over The Role Of Government

15 hours 24 min ago

One of the longest-held divides inside American politics is over the role of government. This election year, both the Democrats and the Republicans may be pushed into increasing the government's role.




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