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Assorted stories from NPR
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Dr. Heimlich Uses His Maneuver For The First Time, Saves 87-Year-Old Woman

Fri, 05/27/2016 - 3:26pm

A retirement-home dinner became quite an event for Henry Heimlich. The 96-year-old is famous for inventing a technique to help people who are choking, but he had never performed it himself.

Entering Final Primary Stretch, Clinton And Sanders Fight For A California Win

Fri, 05/27/2016 - 3:05pm

Hillary Clinton could lose California's primary on June 7 and still win the Democratic nomination, but she and Bernie Sanders are campaigning hard there, hoping to close out the season on a high note.

'Near-Normal' Atlantic Hurricane Forecast Could Mean More Storms

Fri, 05/27/2016 - 2:12pm

The past three hurricane seasons have been considered below normal, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says. This season, NOAA predicts about four to eight hurricanes in the Atlantic.

23 Athletes Test Positive After Samples From London Olympics Rechecked

Fri, 05/27/2016 - 2:01pm

The news follows revelations last week that retested samples from 31 athletes in the 2008 Beijing Games had suspicious results.

U.N. Panel Blocks Accreditation Bid By Committee To Protect Journalists

Fri, 05/27/2016 - 1:57pm

The Committee to Protect Journalists confronted a "Kafka-esque" process — put off for years, then blocked by countries including China, which it calls the biggest jailer of journalists in the world.

Did Ploughshares Grant Skew NPR's Iran Deal Coverage?

Fri, 05/27/2016 - 1:40pm

We found no "pay for play" but the disclosure process broke down.

Interpreting For Change

Fri, 05/27/2016 - 1:37pm

We hear sabiduría, or words of wisdom, from Antena (Antenna) Los Ángeles. They do interpretation and translation work, aimed at achieving justice through language.

Are the Minions Latino?

Fri, 05/27/2016 - 1:37pm

The co-director of the Minions movie talks about how he developed the Minions' language. He also answers a question that has been haunting our producer: Are the Minions Latino?

Books and Roses

Fri, 05/27/2016 - 1:37pm

In the Catalán feast of Sant Jordi, people celebrate a saint's feast by exchanging books and roses. Laura Calçada reports.

A Language Exchange in a Parking Lot

Fri, 05/27/2016 - 1:37pm

In California, a community college professor creates a class for day laborers in a Home Depot parking lot.

Being Deaf and Latino

Fri, 05/27/2016 - 1:37pm

Latinos who are deaf may feel the need to make a choice between two identities, since sign language is in English. But some deaf Latinos are trying to meld both cultures.


Fri, 05/27/2016 - 1:37pm

Members of the Latino USA staff talk about their favorite Spanglish words, and lexicographer Ilan Stavans talks about the role of Spanglish in American culture.

Slammed, Hurled and Pummeled: The Life Of A Pit Crew

Fri, 05/27/2016 - 1:03pm

It takes an IndyCar pit crew about seven seconds to replace four tires and refuel. It's high stakes on race day and a lot can go wrong in the pits. One misstep can cost a race — or worse.

Netflix Programming Boom Means New Dramas, Cooking Shows And Sandler Flicks

Fri, 05/27/2016 - 12:52pm

The company announced earlier this year that it's planning to pour $6 billion into original programming in 2016.

How Trump, Clinton And Sanders Change Their Voices To Win Over Voters

Fri, 05/27/2016 - 12:40pm

Charisma is a crucial component of a politician's appeal to voters. But there's more than one way to inspire confidence.

Facebook And Microsoft Team Up On Undersea Internet Cable

Fri, 05/27/2016 - 12:33pm

Silicon Valley companies are getting more and more involved in the internet's infrastructure.

Dena DeRose On Piano Jazz

Fri, 05/27/2016 - 12:33pm

In a 2001 session, the singer and pianist joined host Marian McPartland for a program of standards.

'Weiner' Offers A Riveting, Close-Up View Of A Scandal In Progress

Fri, 05/27/2016 - 12:28pm

In 2013, a documentary team followed former Congressman Anthony Weiner in his bid to become mayor of New York. When a scandal hit, the cameras kept rolling. Film critic David Edelstein reviews Weiner.

Comedian Maria Bamford Finds Humor In Uncomfortable Topics

Fri, 05/27/2016 - 12:28pm

The star of the new Netflix series Lady Dynamite has used comedy to address her serious struggles with OCD, bipolar disorder and suicidal thoughts. Originally broadcast July 18, 2013.

A Tribute To Artie Shaw On Piano Jazz

Fri, 05/27/2016 - 12:19pm

Historian and cornetist Dick Sudhalter provides historical perspective on the great clarinetist and bandleader.




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