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Assorted stories from NPR
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Taking Down America's First Organized Crime Ring

Sun, 08/19/2018 - 6:57am

NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro speaks with William Oldfield. His book, Inspector Oldfield and the Black Hand Society, is about his great-grandfather's work helping take down an infamous extortion ring.

Bureau Of Land Management Considers Move West

Sun, 08/19/2018 - 6:57am

Interior Sec. Ryan Zinke wants to move the Bureau of Land Management out of Washington, D.C., to the West. Now cities in Western states full of public lands are jockeying to be the new BLM hub.

Nashville Restaurant Educates Customers On Sustainable Seafood

Sun, 08/19/2018 - 6:57am

In some parts of the world, species of fish are becoming depleted. Some restaurants in the U.S. are telling diners where their fish come from. One, in Nashville, is taking it a step further.

Congo Faces Another Ebola Outbreak

Sun, 08/19/2018 - 6:57am

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is facing an Ebola outbreak. Lulu Garcia-Navarro speaks to Dr. Joseph Fair of the International Medical Corps, who is currently in the DRC.

The Democrats' Direction

Sun, 08/19/2018 - 6:57am

NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro asks Democratic strategists Jeff Weaver and Jennifer Palmieri about the direction of the Democratic Party ahead of midterm elections.

Pennsylvania Priests Respond To Abuse Report

Sun, 08/19/2018 - 6:57am

At Saturday evening Mass in Pennsylvania, Catholic priests had the opportunity to address from the pulpit accusations of massive clergy sexual abuse.

Aretha Franklin's Gospel Music Connection

Sun, 08/19/2018 - 6:57am

Aretha Franklin's album Amazing Grace was recorded in 1972 at the New Temple Missionary Baptist Church in south-central Los Angeles after riots devastated the area.

Ada Limon On Poetry Collection, 'The Carrying'

Sun, 08/19/2018 - 6:57am

NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro asks Ada Limon about The Carrying, Limon's fifth collection of poetry.

Meet India's 94-Year-Old 'Sexpert'

Sun, 08/19/2018 - 6:57am

In India, a country with almost no sexual education, a 94-year-old man's newspaper column called "Ask the Sexpert" is a leading source of information.

Mountain Gets A Downgrade To A Hill

Sun, 08/19/2018 - 6:57am

A mountain in Wales has been downgraded to a hill after a new satellite survey.

The First Indigenous Miss Panama

Sun, 08/19/2018 - 6:57am

NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro asks Rosa Montezuma about being the first indigenous woman to be crowned Miss Panama.

Oil And Gas Drilling Could Endanger U.S. Archaeological Sites

Sun, 08/19/2018 - 6:57am

A loophole in Pennsylvania law lets companies drill oil and gas wells in farms and fields where Native American and Colonial artifacts are buried.

Steve Bannon Returns With New Film

Sun, 08/19/2018 - 6:57am

NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro asks New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters about the reemergence of former Trump advisor Steve Bannon.

'Insecure' Co-Star Yvonne Orji Says Molly Is A 'Beautiful Mess'

Sun, 08/19/2018 - 6:26am

Comedian Yvonne Orji planned to become a doctor, but says God had other plans. She co-stars on HBO's Insecure, now in its third season. It's "a life that I never imagined," she says.

(Image credit: Merie W. Wallace/HBO)

South Koreans Prepare For Rare Family Reunions With Long-Lost Relatives In The North

Sun, 08/19/2018 - 6:26am

With tensions easing between North and South Korea, the two sides are reviving cross-border reunions that began in 1985. On Monday, 93 South Koreans will board buses to visit relatives in the North.

(Image credit: Michael Sullivan/NPR)

In 'Severance,' The World Ends Not With A Bang, But A Memo

Sun, 08/19/2018 - 6:00am

Ling Ma's shocking and ferocious new novel mashes up a zombie apocalypse story with the everyday tribulations of office life — you may run from zombies but you'll never escape middle management.

(Image credit: Samantha Clark/NPR)

PHOTOS: It's Hard To Grow Up — And Grow Old — In Honduras

Sun, 08/19/2018 - 6:00am

Photographer Tomas Ayuso captures the plight of Honduran youth struggling to survive in a violent country — and thinking about fleeing to stay alive.

(Image credit: Tomas Ayuso)

Imran Khan Is Sworn Into Office As Pakistan's New Prime Minister

Sat, 08/18/2018 - 4:51pm

Khan inherits several big challenges, including Pakistan's faltering economy, and managing relations with China and the U.S.

(Image credit: AP)

Aretha Franklin In Conversation With NPR's Michel Martin

Sat, 08/18/2018 - 3:43pm

NPR's Michel Martin spoke with Aretha Franklin shortly after her performance at President Obama's inauguration. We play a portion of the conversation from 2009.

A Medieval Fantasy From 'The Simpsons' Creator Throws A Wench In The Works

Sat, 08/18/2018 - 3:43pm

Matt Groening's animated Netflix series Disenchantment follows the hard-drinking princess of Dreamland. But the premise isn't the only new thing he's trying out on this show.

(Image credit: The ULULU Company/Netflix)




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