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Updated: 1 hour 39 min ago

#NPRHotPot: Share Your Food Memories With Us

Wed, 06/28/2017 - 5:12am

Post a video or photo of a favorite dish on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #NPRHotPot from now until August 1. We'll gather some of our favorites and post them on our website.

(Image credit: Ari Shapira/NPR)

Her Mother Taught Her To Make This Filipino Dish. Now She'll Teach You

Wed, 06/28/2017 - 5:00am

Like many girls around the world, Wilma Consul had kitchen duty growing up in the Philippines — and resented it. But today making a childhood dish brings back fond family memories.

(Image credit: NPR)

Child Care Centers Often Don't Hire The Most Qualified Teachers, Study Shows

Wed, 06/28/2017 - 4:04am

Child care centers don't necessarily hire the most qualified teachers. A new study shows that child care centers pick applicants who are in the middle of the pack.

GOP Senators Postpone Vote On Health Care Bill

Wed, 06/28/2017 - 4:04am

Republican Senators have postponed a vote on their health care bill after it appeared they did not have the votes to pass it.

The GOP Factional Split On Health Care

Wed, 06/28/2017 - 4:04am

Senate Republicans delayed a vote on the health care bill after it appeared they wouldn't have the votes to pass it. Steve Inskeep talks with Matt Schlapp of the American Conservative Union.

Mexican Tequila-Makers Threaten Heineken Over Tequila-Flavored Beer

Wed, 06/28/2017 - 4:04am

Tequila-makers are not happy with the beer brewer Heineken's tequila-flavored beer. Mexico's Tequila Regulatory Council is threatening a lawsuit, saying it should not include the name "tequila."

Illinois Democrats Divided Over Billionaire Candidate

Wed, 06/28/2017 - 4:04am

Democrats in Illinois are debating whether they should back a billionaire candidate to take on Gov. Bruce Rauner next year, or whether embracing the money will lead the party astray.

European Union Fines Google $2.7 Billion

Wed, 06/28/2017 - 4:04am

The European Union has fined Google $2.7 billion over what it calls anti-competitive practices. Steve Inskeep talks with Adrianne Jeffries of The Outline.

Helicopter Drops Grenades On Venezuelan Supreme Court

Wed, 06/28/2017 - 4:04am

In Venezuela, a helicopter dropped grenades on the Supreme Court building in the latest wave of turmoil to hit the country.

Aid Group Shuts Down Migrant Aid Camp After Border Patrol Raid

Wed, 06/28/2017 - 4:04am

On the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona, a humanitarian group has shut down a sprawling aid camp that gave medical care to migrants crossing the border, after Border Patrol agents raided the camp.

Poll Shows Low Support For GOP Health Care Bill

Wed, 06/28/2017 - 4:04am

Senate Republican leaders have put off a vote on their health care bill until after the July Fourth recess. A new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll found only 17 percent of Americans approve of the bill.

John McEnroe's Comments About Serena Williams Light Up Twitter

Wed, 06/28/2017 - 4:04am

In an interview with NPR on Sunday, retired tennis player John McEnroe said Serena Williams was the best female tennis player in the world, but compared to top male players "she'd be like 700."

Former Tennis Player James Blake On Athletes And Activism

Wed, 06/28/2017 - 4:04am

Retired tennis player James Blake has written a book about athletes who take on social causes after he was tackled by a police officer. He talks with Rachel Martin about his book Ways of Grace.

The State Of Boko Haram

Wed, 06/28/2017 - 4:04am

Boko Haram extremists have been pushed back from their territorial gains, but they continue to wage attacks in towns and communities in northeastern Nigeria.

Veterans Concerned About Medicaid Cuts In GOP Plan

Wed, 06/28/2017 - 4:04am

Many veterans get health care through Medicaid. The cuts in the Senate health care bill worry veteran's advocates and add pressure to an already-strained Department of Veterans Affairs.

New Ransomware Attack Spreads From Ukraine

Wed, 06/28/2017 - 4:04am

A cyberattack spread from Ukraine to Europe and around the world Tuesday. Cybersecurity expert Matt Tait of Capital Alpha Security tells Rachel Martin about who is vulnerable.

Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200

Wed, 06/28/2017 - 4:04am

Police in Minneapolis pulled over a driver who was wanted on a warrant for a drug charge. He must have anticipated it, because he had a "get out of jail free" card from Monopoly with him.

Morning News Brief: Health Care Vote Delayed, New Ransomware Attack Spreads

Wed, 06/28/2017 - 4:04am

We look at the future of the Senate's health care bill after Republican leaders postponed a vote. Also, a new ransomware attack has spread from Ukraine, and we update the fight against Boko Haram.




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