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Assorted stories from NPR
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Does Discovery's 'Shark Week' Teach Us The Truth About Sharks?

Fri, 07/01/2016 - 12:52pm

Here & Now's Robin Young speaks with NPR TV critic Eric Deggans about this year’s programming – the good, the bad and the ugly.

5 Things To Consider About The Supreme Court's Decision On Texas Abortion Law

Fri, 07/01/2016 - 12:51pm

Where does the decision fit in the court's long history of actions on abortion rights and restrictions? And what effect might the case involving a Texas law have on other states?

The Unknown Heroes Who Helped Win The American Revolution

Fri, 07/01/2016 - 12:40pm

General George Washington often turned to a group of citizen-soldiers from Maryland during the war. But their story hasn't really been documented until now.

'BFG' Is A 'Delumptious' Pairing Of A Happy Child And A Radiant Old Soul

Fri, 07/01/2016 - 12:38pm

Steven Spielberg's latest movie is an adaptation of Roald Dahl's 1982 children's book about a big friendly giant. Critic David Edelstein says the BFG is "pure joy" — especially in its second half.

A Personal History Of L.A. Punk: 'It Was A Free-For-All For Outcasts'

Fri, 07/01/2016 - 12:38pm

John Doe, Exene Cervenka and Dave Alvin of the band X discuss punk's early days. "Anybody could belong to punk that wanted to be there," Cervenka says. Originally broadcast May 2, 2016.

Tesla Crash Raises Questions About Self-Driving Cars

Fri, 07/01/2016 - 12:33pm

An Ohio man died while driving his Tesla car in its semi-autonomous mode in May. What does the accident mean for the industry?

Can You Really Rebuild Tarzan Out Of Whole (Loin) Cloth?

Fri, 07/01/2016 - 12:29pm

The Legend Of Tarzan tries to reinvent the story as an indictment of colonialism, but it lacks the wit or liveliness of the Tarantino revisionist histories it seems to be trying to emulate.

In Vermont, Food Labels Now Must Reveal GMO Ingredients

Fri, 07/01/2016 - 12:25pm

The state's new law has prompted Congress to look at enacting national labeling standards, but some argue genetically engineered crops aren't different from other foods.

Millions Of Men Are Missing From The U.S. Workforce

Fri, 07/01/2016 - 12:20pm

In the United States, the share of prime-age men who are neither working nor looking for work has doubled since the 1970s. But why?

Gay Talese Disavows His Disavowal Of His New Book

Fri, 07/01/2016 - 12:06pm

Talese had told The Washington Post he wouldn't promote his new nonfiction book, The Voyeur's Motel, after the paper found flaws in its story. But now he says the book will go ahead as planned.

A Not-So-Ordinary Fourth Of July Barbecue With Kathy Gunst

Fri, 07/01/2016 - 11:52am

Grilling on the Fourth of July is an American tradition. But this year, resident chef Kathy Gunst decided to change up her usual fare by putting fruits on the fire.

Babies Of Color Are Now The Majority, Census Says

Fri, 07/01/2016 - 11:49am

Today's generation of schoolchildren looks much different than it did just a few decades ago.

Social Media Buzz: New Trial For Adnan Syed, And A Controversial Red Cross Poster

Fri, 07/01/2016 - 11:45am

A judge in Baltimore this week ordered a new trial for Syed, the subject of the hit podcast "Serial." We discuss that story and more with The Root's Danielle Belton.

The History Of How Europe Changed Britain, And Vice Versa

Fri, 07/01/2016 - 11:40am

A week after Britain's historic vote to leave the European Union, politicians and pundits have been quick to speculate on what it means for the country's future.




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