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Assorted stories from NPR
Updated: 1 hour 2 min ago

Panel Round One

Sat, 08/08/2015 - 6:54am

Our panelists answer questions about the week's news: Anger Mismanagement.

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Who's Bill This Time

Sat, 08/08/2015 - 6:54am

Bill Kurtis reads three quotes from the week's news...Debate Night; Say it Is so, Joe; The Hitchhiker's Guide to Philly.

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Not My Job: Starlee Kine Gets Quizzed On Bugs Bunny

Sat, 08/08/2015 - 6:54am

Kine is the host and creator of the Mystery Show podcast. We attempt to mystify her with three questions about the beloved cartoon character who debuted 75 years ago this week.

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The Week In Sports: Events Off The Beaten Track

Sat, 08/08/2015 - 6:46am

It's off-season in the world of big-league sports, but NPR's Linda Wertheimer talks to correspondent Tom Goldman about the sports we might overlook during the rest of the year.

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Life Through The Lens Of A Falling 'Fishbowl'

Sat, 08/08/2015 - 6:03am

Bradley Somer's new novel follows (literally) Ian the goldfish, who's catching glimpses of life and love in the apartments he passes as his bowl plummets from a 27th-floor balcony.

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He's Just Woven The World's Finest Panama Hat. But Who Will Buy It?

Sat, 08/08/2015 - 6:03am

We visit one of the last — and best — practitioners of this vanishing art. Like his predecessors, he lives in Ecuador, not Panama.

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Songwriter James Bay On Making Music In A World Gone Dark

Sat, 08/08/2015 - 4:13am

The songwriter has risen fast from playing English pubs to being a contender for the UK equivalent of the Grammys. He tells Weekend Edition about the bleak moment that inspired his song "Scars."

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Living In 'The Jungle,' Migrants In France Seek A Permanent Home

Sat, 08/08/2015 - 4:11am

Some 3,000 migrants from the Middle East and North Africa are now camping out in the port city of Calais. Celine Schmitt of the United Nations refugee agency discusses their plight.

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Beverly Jenkins Wraps Bitter History In Sweet Romance

Sat, 08/08/2015 - 4:08am

Beverly Jenkins writes historical romances — about free black towns, lawmen and cowboys and Civil War vets. She says her mission is to illuminate the parts of black history you don't learn in school.

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In Louisiana, Rebuilding Mother Nature's Storm Protection: A 'Living Coast'

Sat, 08/08/2015 - 4:07am

Officials hope an ambitious plan to divert the Mississippi River will revitalize the wetlands that are a natural buffer against storms and floods. Opponents say the changes will upset local habitats.

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The First GOP Presidential Debate By The Numbers

Sat, 08/08/2015 - 4:06am

We've tallied up the top foreign nations, policy topics and candidate mentions during Thursday night's first Republican face-off.

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Bobbi Kristina Brown's Estate Accuses Nick Gordon Of Causing Her Death

Fri, 08/07/2015 - 7:34pm

The suit says Gordon, with whom she lived near Atlanta, gave her a "toxic cocktail," and placed her face-down in water. Brown died almost six months after she was found unconscious in a bathtub.

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17,205 People Guessed The Weight Of A Cow. Here's How They Did.

Fri, 08/07/2015 - 6:27pm

A few weeks ago, we asked the Internet a simple question: how much does this cow weigh?

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Episode 644: How Much Does This Cow Weigh?

Fri, 08/07/2015 - 6:26pm

We wanted to understand an eerie phenomenon that drives everything from the stock market to the price of orange juice. So we asked you to guess the weight of a cow.

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Colorado Jury To Announce Life Or Death Sentence for James Holmes

Fri, 08/07/2015 - 4:48pm

The jury reached their decision after deliberating for less than seven hours over two days. Homes killed 12 people during a midnight showing of a Batman film in 2012 in Aurora, Co.

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