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Assorted stories from NPR
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Researchers Develop Glasses Frames That Fool Facial Recognition Technology

Sat, 11/05/2016 - 7:27am

Want to fool facial recognition software? Try some groovy glasses. It turns out patterned glasses can lead the program to misidentify people.

Voices From North Dakota Pipeline Protestors

Sat, 11/05/2016 - 7:27am

In North Dakota the Army Corps of Engineers met with Native American leader hoping to avoid more clashes between police and Dakota Access Pipeline protesters.

Novelist And Republican Thomas Mallon: Fact Is Stranger Than Fictionalizing The Election 2016

Sat, 11/05/2016 - 7:27am

Writer and critic Thomas Mallon imagined the 2016 presidential campaign as a novel in a recent New Yorker article. He tells NPR's Scott Simon how fact has sometimes been stranger than fiction in this election year.

Francine Prose's 'Mister Monkey' Novel Inspired By Her Granddaughter's Cheeky Comment

Sat, 11/05/2016 - 7:27am

Mister Monkey is the latest novel by award-winning writer Francine Prose. NPR's Scott Simon chats with Prose about the novel which was inspired after a seeing a play with her granddaughter.

No Relation: Meet Donald L. Trump, The Cancer Doctor From Virginia

Sat, 11/05/2016 - 7:27am

NPR's Scott Simon talks to Donald "Skip" Trump, a Virginia doctor, who has spent decades answering questions about a different Trump with the same first name.

Google 'Fiber' Rollback Halts Expansion Plans For High-Speed Internet In 8 Cities

Sat, 11/05/2016 - 7:27am

For five years, Google and its parent company Alphabet have been spending heavily on Google Fiber, an ambitious project to extend lightning-fast internet across the country. That project is ending in 8 metro areas. The news is a setback for Phoenix.

Latino Activists Ask, When Should Brown Lives Matter?

Sat, 11/05/2016 - 7:27am

Amid media attention surrounding police killings of black men, similar killings of Latinos go unnoted, partly because Latino activists haven't mobilized in the same way as black activists.

Myths Circulating Ahead Of Election Contradict Voter Fraud's Low Threat To Sway Outcome

Sat, 11/05/2016 - 7:27am

A minority of American voters believe the polls will be accurately tallied in the 2016 election. But fraud or tampering with the voting process — even via hacking — is highly unusual and unlikely.

Jury Finds 'Rolling Stone,' Reporter Liable For Damages In Rape Allegation Story

Sat, 11/05/2016 - 7:27am

A former dean at the University of Virginia has won a defamation suit over a discredited story about an alleged gang rape there. A Charlottesville jury found Rolling Stone, Wenner Media and a writer for the magazine liable in the civil trial.

Beware The Hair: Trolls Hit The Big Screen — And Bring Scrapbooks With Them

Sat, 11/05/2016 - 7:27am

The movie Trolls features not just big hair but surprisingly great music — and a fair bit of scrapbooking. The film, by a veteran animation director, aims to balance feel-good fun with offbeat humor.

Stooges On Screen: Iggy Pop And Jim Jarmusch On The New Film 'Gimme Danger'

Sat, 11/05/2016 - 7:27am

The two men join NPR's Scott Simon to talk about Jarmusch's new documentary on the band — and why its pioneering work has staying power.

For Tippi Hedren, Hitchcock's Scares Came Off-Screen

Sat, 11/05/2016 - 7:27am

In her new memoir, Tippi, the actress speaks frankly about Hollywood, her career, and her complicated relationship with Alfred Hitchcock — who made her a star, but also made her life hell.

Annual Gun Sales Soar Amid Pre-Election Angst, Proposed Laws

Sat, 11/05/2016 - 7:27am

Firearms sales are soaring across the country in the lead up to Election Day. Gun shop owners and firearm manufacturers are pointing to election-related angst as the cause.

Cubs Break 'Curse': Two Losing Teams Put On A Winning World Series

Sat, 11/05/2016 - 7:27am

Scott Simon speaks with ESPN's Howard Bryant about the Cub's world series victory, and the importance of baseball in our lives.




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