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News from WLRH

Lyrique Music Productions presents the award-winning show Matilda the Musical tonight (10-18) through next weekend on the main stage at Lee High School. Cast members Art Walthall, who plays Mr. Wormwood and Erin Duus, who plays Matilda joined Assistant Director Claire Johnson to talk about this fun, yet complex musical. Tickets and information can be found at 

News from NPR

While most Republican attorneys general embrace Purdue Pharma's structured bankruptcy plan, all but two Democratic attorneys general reject it. "This is a moral issue for them," one expert says.

Is it an animal? A type of fungi? No, it's "the blob." The amorphous "slime mold" may not have a nervous system, but it's the star of a new exhibit at the Paris zoo.

Stung by a series of recent scandals, the prime minister is locked in a virtual tie with Andrew Scheer of the opposition Conservative Party ahead of Monday's election.

When pythons, cobras and pit vipers show up, Pinyo Pukpinyo, a sergeant in Bangkok's fire department, is the expert who catches them. He's been bitten 20 times but says his work "makes me happy."

The overall percentage of Americans who support tougher gun laws is on the rise, even as the partisan divide remains stark, according to a Pew Research Center survey.

NPR was the only news organization allowed into the lab to witness the moment the releases began this year. The goal is to create a powerful new weapon in the fight against malaria.

The new sitcom is about a white, middle-aged Detroiter who falls head over heels for a Nigerian nurse. We asked a couple of Nigerian viewers what they think of the show.

Blaming "Media & Democrat Crazed and Irrational Hostility" as the reason for his reversal, the president said he will consider other sites for next year's meeting of international leaders.

Yang says Democrats need to articulate a vision for the country. "When we're talking about Donald Trump, we are losing to Donald Trump, even if it's in the context of talking about impeaching him."

In an interview with NPR, the congresswoman said her decision to endorse Sanders is part of a movement that is "far larger than a presidential campaign."

Two days into a cease-fire, clashes continue along Syria's northern border. Petraeus, who once commanded U.S. forces in the region, told NPR that withdrawing U.S. troops is unfair to Kurdish allies.

Palm oil plantations have led to widespread deforestation in Indonesia. But now some farmers are turning to a different crop — damar, a kind of anti-palm oil, grown in forest-based farms.

What started as a fare-dodging protest by students turned violent in Santiago on Friday, as metro stations and buses were burned and riots spilled out into the streets.

In compliance with the Letwin Amendment, approved 322 to 306 on Saturday, a reluctant Prime Minister Boris Johnson sent a letter to the EU requesting an extension to the Oct. 31 no-deal deadline.



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