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NPR CEO Jarl Mohn apologized to angry staffers at an all-staff meeting Friday, held to address newsroom tensions over handling of the sexual harassment that led to a top news executive's resignation.

NPR has learned that Hillary Clinton's campaign had an agreement, separate from one also signed by Bernie Sanders' campaign, providing control over party decisions in exchange for relieving DNC debt.

The diverse Southeast Asian country has more than 17,000 islands, a median age of 29 and an expansive fare influenced by many cultures. And the tech-savvy population is reaching out to the world.

Those who live north of the border, but south of a string of Border Patrol checkpoints, say they feel trapped in what some call "the cage."

Dogs can sniff out people, drugs, bombs, cancer and much more. In her book Being A Dog, Alexandra Horowitz explores the mysteries and mechanics of canine noses. Originally broadcast Oct. 4, 2016.

Trump's remarks involve a meeting he attended last year with campaign workers that included George Papadopoulos, who has pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about the Russia matter.

Indictments and a plea agreement in Robert Mueller's investigation lead to reports that President Trump is considering firing Mueller or disarming him by pardoning the targets of the investigation.

Trump will commence the longest foreign trip of his tenure on Friday, focusing on North Korea's nuclear threat and the U.S. trade deficit with China.

Across Indonesia, transgender women known as "warias" create community and look out for one another. Health care is a challenge, but one doctor is making a difference.

House Republicans are unveiling a draft tax bill that would slash both individual and corporate rates. The challenge is paying for it. The draft bill has some new wrinkles.




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