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Journalist Bill Moyers once worked as the special assistant to President Johnson, where he witnessed first-hand the political maneuvering that resulted in the landmark health care legislation.

A record-setting "dead zone," where water doesn't have enough oxygen for fish to survive, has appeared this summer. One major cause is pollution from farms.

President Trump and some GOP lawmakers want an investigation into Hillary Clinton and other figures from the Obama era. But a probe of a defeated candidate is not the norm in American democracy.

On the Code Switch podcast this week, a look at concerns and issues facing people of color in the 2020 Census, and a look back at the reasons why "Hispanics" became a word in the first place.

President Trump released a scathing signing statement about the Russia sanctions bill he signed into law on Wednesday. Legal and political experts weren't surprised.

Wells Fargo is facing another scandal. This time, the bank acknowledges it signed up nearly 500,000 auto-loan customers for insurance they didn't need. Thousands lost their cars to repossession.

Workers at Nissan auto assembly plant in Canton, Miss. begin two days of voting Thursday on whether to join United Auto Workers union. This is the third bid by UAW to unionize a southern auto plant.

The Trump administration seeks to roll back and delay dozens of regulations across government, including one to lower smog-creating ozone. Environmental groups are challenging the EPA in court.

Mandatory life without parole for juveniles in murder cases has been banned for five years. But an Associated Press investigation revealed that the ban has been enforced unevenly across the country.

Thousands of Syrian refugees are returning to a rebel-held area of Syria from Lebanon - maybe not by choice in many cases. It's part of a deal between Hezbollah and a rebel group linked to Al Qaida.




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