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Fetuses in the third trimester responded more often to patterns that resembled faces than patterns that did not. The findings don't mean fetuses can recognize their parents' faces before they're born.

We got more than 100 letters from our listeners about how y'all feel like fakes. Here are some of our favorites.

When Prime Minister Theresa May called for this election back in April, her Tories were hoping to build on their small majority in the House of Commons.

Suddenly aware of repetitive feedback loops in his life, Max Hawkins created apps that decided where he should go, what strangers' parties he should attend, even how he should spend Christmas.

A photographer who walks deep into the woods in search of a wild bear wonders if his curiosity will overcome his fear. Can bears and humans co-exist?

Scientists who found the fossils believe they are the remains of five people and far older than all previous finds. But how do the remains really fit into the bushy family tree of modern humans?

Georgia's 6th Congressional District has been in Republican hands for decades. Democrats are betting this month's special election will change that.

U.S. officials were slow to provide details about the agreements announced during Trump's trip abroad. Many of the deals were nonbinding — others had been in the works since Obama's administration.

Most mornings and afternoons, a newly built footpath that plunges through a grove of towering redwoods is clogged with workers and school kids.

Krisel is particularly known for the scores of tract homes he designed in Palm Springs, which featured open floor plans, "butterfly" roofs and enough variation so they didn't look cookie-cutter.




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