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A tweet this week prompted dozens of New Orleans residents to post their childhood photos with the same Santa Claus. He's been a part of Christmas there for decades.

The United Nations has sounded the alarm about a potential genocide in South Sudan, but the Security Council couldn't muster the votes needed to impose an arms embargo.

The United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution condemning Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territory. Ambassador Dennis Ross discusses the implications.

A U.N. official says South Sudan is very close to a "Rwanda-like" genocide. Cameron Hudson of the Holocaust Museum's genocide prevention center explains the history of South Sudan's struggles.

A new technique that enables scientists to edit DNA much more easily stirred big hopes this year for medical breakthroughs. But it also stirred fears.

Despite the ubiquity of headphones these days, a new study indicates hearing loss among American is in decline. Our host speaks with the study's co-author, audiologist Gregory Flamme.

President Vladimir Putin denies his government sponsors sports doping, but some competitions have pulled out of Russia after new evidence emerges from an international inquiry.

An Iraqi special forces commander explains the drone-dropped bombs and other ISIS tactics making the battle for Mosul so difficult.

Chemi Shalev, a columnist for the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, shares Israeli reaction to president-elect Trump's moves to align U.S. policy more closely with the Israeli government.

It's an article of faith that the migrant influx and this week's terror attack in Berlin cloud Chancellor Angela Merkel's reelection chances next year. She's safe, says Die Zeit editor Josef Joffe.




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