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Beset by a record of flight delays, dismal passenger satisfaction and widespread tech glitches, the nation's second-largest airline is seeking ways to restore customer confidence and employee morale.

In an interview with Steve Inskeep, Iran's President Hassan Rouhani says his country will abide by the recent nuclear deal, but he acknowledges there are opponents of the agreement in his country.

A visibly tired Pope Francis spoke with reporters during a freewheeling press conference in the air. Topics included his impressions of the U.S., clergy sex abuse and women's role in the church.

Cokie Roberts offers her take on John Boehner's abrupt resignation as House speaker and what it will mean for Congress in the days to come.

From The White House to a lunch with homeless people, from the halls of Congress to a Philadelphia prison, Pope Francis made waves during six-day US visit among U.S. Catholics and the public at large.

A routine extra point in a Texas high school football game turned into a viral video. The low kick hit a referee's head, ricocheted upward, hit the crossbar and bounced over for a successful kick.

At the Frankfurt Motor Show this weekend, the topic on everyone's mind was the continued fallout from the VW emissions scandal.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has had a meteoric rise. He's been Congress for just nine years, yet he may soon be elected speaker.

Doctors and patients are using ketamine to treat severe depression, even though the anesthetic and psychedelic club drug has not been approved by the FDA for that purpose. It's not without risks.

On his last day in the U.S., Pope Francis visited inmates at a prison in Pennsylvania and told them they should not view their confinement as an exclusion from society.




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