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A French court has cleared former International Monetary Fund director of pimping charges. Still, Strauss-Kahn's sexual appetites ended a career that was expected to lead to the French presidency.

NPR's Scott Simon gets reaction from the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Republican Mac Thornberry of Texas, to the Obama administration's plan to send more military trainers to Iraq.

Democrats in the House of Representatives dealt President Obama a blow on Friday, thwarting his push for expanded authority to negotiate a trade deal with Asia.

Former National Security Agency officer John Schindler tells NPR's Scott Simon the data hacked from the Office of Personnel Management includes personal information that could be used for blackmail.

Inmates at the prison where two murderers escaped a week ago regularly use power tools for maintenance chores, and when they behave, can earn tiny plots of land for cookouts and gardens.

Chicago is a Democratic stronghold, and the South Side neighborhood is no exception. But Pastor Corey Brooks tells NPR's Scott Simon that the Democrats have failed his friends and neighbors.

NPR's Scott Simon gets reaction to the Strauss-Kahn verdict from Elaine Sciolino, former Paris correspondent for the New York Times.

Hillary Clinton's been a declared candidate for two months, but she's staging a launch Saturday in New York. NPR's Scott Simon talks presidential politics with NPR's Mara Liasson.

Walker has curtailed the bargaining powers of public school teachers, and approved a right-to-work law aimed at private unions. Now he's taking on tenured faculty at the University of Wisconsin.

Will agricultural chemical dealers start selling microbes? Some big pesticide companies are investing in efforts to turn soil bacteria into tools that farmers can use to grow more food.




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