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Paternity leave can make a big difference in a dad's long-term engagement with the child, doctors find. Paid family leave also fosters breastfeeding and reduces the incidence of maternal depression.

Some people are born with anosmia — the inability to smell. Others lose their sense of smell later in life. That makes it hard to taste food, detect threats, or even savor memories.

Hundreds of people were killed in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew ravaged the southwest part of the country. Survivors explain why they refused to evacuate.

Rosa Parks' niece, Rhea McCauley, teamed up with artist Ryan Mendoza to move the civil rights icon's Detroit home to Berlin in order to save it from demolition.

In light of a recent rash of "creepy clown" sightings and incidents across the country, some working clowns say the controversy is negatively affecting their business.

Ethiopia's government has declared a state of emergency following months of anti-government protests by the Oromo people, who say they are marginalized.

Asian-Americans are a tiny but growing share of the electorate. In the 1990s, Asian-Americans mostly voted Republican. But in the years since, they seem to have tilted toward the Democratic Party.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump meet tonight for their second debate in a town hall format at Washington University in St. Louis, after a weekend of leaked material surfaced on both candidates.

Hundreds of people are dead, and thousands of homes were damaged or destroyed in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew hit the island. NPR's Jason Beaubien talks to Rachel Martin about relief efforts.

After a video surfaced of Donald Trump making vulgar remarks about women, many in the GOP reconsidered their endorsement of him. NPR's Rachel Martin talks to Republican strategist Stuart Stevens.




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