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Speaking with NPR, Matthias Mueller blamed the problem on a misunderstanding of U.S. law and said the company doesn't have an ethics problem. Less than a day later, he asked to clarify those remarks.

Bowie died Sunday after a long battle with cancer, according to a representative. He released his latest album, the critically acclaimed Blackstar, on Friday, which was also his 69th birthday.

Roughly 2.5 million Americans are addicted to heroin and opioids like Oxycontin. Researchers say addiction takes over the brain's limbic reward system, impairing decision making, judgment and memory.

At the Supreme Court on Monday, union opponents are seeking to reverse a 1977 decision that allows public employee unions to collect fees from those who don't join the union but are protected by it.

As the world refocuses its attention on North Korea after the rogue nation's fourth nuclear test, in neighboring South Korea, day-to-day life has barely been affected.

What to expect when President Obama delivers his final State of the Union on Tuesday, from NPR's Ron Elving.

Wheaton College has begun the process to fire Larycia Hawkins for stating that Muslims worship the same God as Christians. "It was about solidarity," Hawkins says, "which is a Christian principle."

"Implementation Day" for Iran will come once the country takes steps to shrink and open up its nuclear program to verification.

NPR's Carrie Kahn gives an update on the capture of drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzmán and actress Kate Del Castillo's role in the secret meeting between "El Chapo" and actor Sean Penn.

To get, and keep, students on track, teachers are trying a different method of classroom management called No-Nonsense Nurturing.




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