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In the mid-'60s, Tom Houck left high school to join the civil rights movement. But he never expected he'd become the personal driver to the movement's leader — mostly because he had a license.

New weight-loss programs have dieters put cash on the line in a wager that they'll reach their goal.

Models on turntables in fancy gowns have given way to professionals who are the eyes and ears of car brands.

Northern long-eared bats were listed as a "threatened" species this week after being ravaged by a disease that has killed millions of bats. Some environmentalists say the protection is not enough.

Sheldon Adelson has filed three libel suits against journalists. One, a columnist at the Las Vegas Journal-Review, which Adelson bought last year, went broke facing the billionaire GOP donor in court.

The Centers for Disease Control is concerned about an increase in a rare birth defect in Brazil that could be linked to the virus. But Zika is not just in Brazil; see a map of where it is spreading.

They're angry about everything from overcrowding and hazardous buildings to looming bankruptcy. But teacher strikes are illegal in Michigan, and opponents say the actions hurt students and parents.

Amnesty International says it has evidence of deaths in custody and torture in Tunisia, which has been heralded as a bright spot in a troubled region.

The British actor who starred in the Harry Potter movie series as Severus Snape and in such hits as Die Hard and Love Actually died Thursday. He was 69.

Miami-Dade County is considering building a ferry terminal that would serve carriers offering regular service to Cuba. It's a sign that in a city that's home to Cuban exiles, times have changed.




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