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The Inland Regional Center is closed as authorities investigate Wednesday's mass shooting, cutting off care for 30,000 people with developmental disabilities.

The former president paused during his regular Sunday School class to relay some good news: His melanoma is gone. Carter's been undergoing radiation and drug treatment to battle the disease.

Thousands of Cuban migrants are stuck at the Costa Rica-Nicaragua border. Nicaragua, a close ally of Cuba, won't let the migrants enter into its country to continue north to the United States.

President Obama will address the nation Sunday night on the threat of terrorism in the wake of the attacks in California and Paris. It will be a rare prime-time speech from the Oval Office.

The threat of self-radicalized attackers is on the minds of many after the San Bernardino shooting this week. NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with the RAND Corporation's Seth Jones about these people.

Tragic events like the recent San Bernardino and Colorado Springs attacks leave behind witnesses who try to process what they've seen. Two survivors of past shootings share how they carry the trauma.

A Canadian college student was caught at a border checkpoint with more than 50 live turtles in his pants and has pleaded guilty to six smuggling charges in the U.S.

NPR's Rachel Martin talks with Chris Joyce about the obstacles in reaching a climate deal. We hear from various countries and get a sense of the competing views and interests on reducing emissions.

Rachel Martin talks with Parul Sehgal of the New York Times about the use of the word "resilience" as something to aspire to and how it's become a coded way to shame people who speak about injustice.

The president will address the nation on the threat of terrorism after recent shootings. Rachel Martin speaks with National Political Correspondent Mara Liasson about what the President might say.




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