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Despite legal requirements, more than one-quarter of cases of severe abuse that were uncovered by government investigators were not reported to the police. The majority involved sexual assault.

A recent study suggests that when people spend their extra cash to get help with time-consuming chores, they're likelier to feel better than if they use the money to buy more things.

In an administration where it seems like everyone becomes an instant celebrity, Hicks has kept her head down, working hard at maintaining a low profile.

Ben Philpott of member station KUT in Austin, Texas talks about the response of Houston and Texas officials to flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey.

At least two people in Texas are dead as a result of Harvey, a storm that landed as a category 4 hurricane earlier this week. Houston Public Media reporter Gail Delaughter reports on the flooding.

Tropical Storm Harvey continues to dump rain in Houston, Texas, causing devastating floods across the region. NPR's Marisa Peñaloza reports on the ongoing storms, flooding and rescue operations.

Flooding across Houston has left many people Stranded. Houston Public Media reporter Andrew Schneider gives an update from inside a building cut off by the water.

They're a forgotten group — abducted as teens, forced to marry a Boko Haram member and often bearing a child — now free from captivity, but not truly free.

The question facing the party is whether to keep criticizing President Trump or to focus on narrower goals like taking down Confederate monuments.

Some California conservatives are setting out to create their own idyllic communities in Texas — neighborhoods that espouse conservative Christian values and politics. Liberals need not apply.




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