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As Egyptians prepare for the presidential election Monday, NPR's Rachel Martin talks to Bothaina Kamel, who was Egypt's first female presidential candidate when she ran in 2011.

Egyptians go to the polls this week, and the front-runner is Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. His supporters say he'll bring order to the country, but others say Mohammed Morsi is still the legitimate president.

Shortages of basic foodstuffs have fueled months of protests against Venezuela's socialist government. Some food producers are smuggling food across the border to get higher prices.

Pope Francis visits Bethlehem on Sunday in the middle of a three-day trip to the Middle East. NPR's Rachel Martin talks to correspondent Emily Harris about the significance of the pope's visit.

Homelessness is not just an urban phenomenon. Desiree Wieczorek spent five months living in a makeshift camp with her family near the New York-Canada border. Then her school stepped in to help.

Memorial Day weekend kicks off the tourism season on the Jersey Shore, an area that's still rebuilding after Superstorm Sandy. At last, homeowners and businesses say, things are looking up.

Election watchers say Republicans could take control of the Senate in 2014, but to guarantee a win, some conservatives are floating ideas to broaden the party's appeal to the middle class.

General Motors has recalled more than 15 million cars this year. Alec Gutierrez of Kelly Blue Book tells NPR's Scott Simon what this means if you own a GMC, Chevrolet, Buick or Cadillac.

EU elections for parliament take place this weekend. Low turnout could mean parties on the fringe will do disproportionately well.

Vape pens are the e-cigarettes of the pot world. But marijuana concentrate, which users load into the vape pen, is dangerously potent. That has some health officials and law enforcement worried.




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