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Studies showing that a treatment works are more likely to be published than those with a negative result. So talk therapy and drug therapy for depression are probably less effective than thought.

The movie about a stranded astronaut is being hailed for its scientific realism. Andy Weir, who wrote the book the film is based on, is a longtime computer programmer who sees romance in numbers.

Former Al Jazeera journalist Mohammed Fahmy talks about the nearly two years he spent imprisoned in Egypt. He received a presidential pardon last week.

Activists say the government has stepped up prosecutions for alleged morality offenses. Hundreds of gay and transgender people have been targeted, and now the campaign has moved on to belly dancers.

The Duponts in Louisiana loved their mutt Melvin so much they jumped at the chance to replicate him. Melvin is gone now, but he has left behind two clones, Ken and Henry.

Catherine Coulson, who played the "log lady" in the TV series Twin Peaks, died on Monday at 71. With her odd attachment to a piece of ponderosa pine, she was something of a pop culture hero.

When a man put his dog in the car, he was just trying to keep him out of a fight. He never expected the dog would take the vehicle straight into a lake.

Artifacts from the Titanic go on auction on Wednesday.

Host Renee Montagne talks with Washington Post reporter Joby Warrick about his new book, "Black Flags," on the origins of the Islamic State.

Pope Francis has called on all of Europe's Catholics to take in refugees. But in Hungary, church leaders have been hesitant. And Hungary's churches are conspicuously absent from relief efforts.




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