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Anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders is on trial for "inciting hatred" against immigrants. Wilders has boycotted the trial, claiming that it's "against freedom of expression."

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both have proposals to rebuild the nation's infrastructure. Meanwhile, ballots in some 400 local communities feature public transit and infrastructure projects.

Iraqi troops, with U.S. support, are on the outskirts of the Norther Iraqi city. Mosul has been under ISIS control for more than two years.

Prices for Obamacare have risen for many — but so have discounts. Many may end up paying less this year.

Police say elected officials have become too quick to blame cops involved in deadly shootings before all the facts are in. A recent incident in New York is their case in point.

Barricades are up and Pakistan's capital Islamabad is in lockdown as opposition leader and former cricket star Imran Khan and the government face off again.

"Suppose this girl wanted to go to a public library ... and the library said, 'You can't take your dog here; we're going to just provide you with a librarian,' " Justice Elena Kagan said.

The head of one effort asked supporters "to go and hunt down, look for vote fraud and voter intimidation and document it, to do the best we can to stop it this election."

Kerry Egan's job is to help dying people accept their own mortality. It's profoundly sad, but it's also rewarding. "I'm constantly reminded of ... how much love people have for each other," she says.

The devastating 2015 earthquake killed thousands and leveled entire mountain villages. Residents are only now getting the first installment of the money promised by the government.




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