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Amid news that Russian operatives may have bought ads to fuel social and racial unrest, NPR's Michel Martin speaks with Scott Tranter, a director of analytics for a data and technology firm.

NPR's Michel Martin talks with Republican Bruce Bartlett, former adviser to President Ronald Reagan, who says tax cuts don't spur economic growth.

The Supreme Court will hear a case this week that could have repercussions on how politicians are elected throughout the country.

Catalans are voting in what the Spanish government considers an illegal referendum on independence. At polling locations around the country, police clashed with pro-separatists.

While authorities in Puerto Rico work on recovery efforts for the hurricane-battered island, parts of the U.S. mainland are getting ready as many Puerto Ricans are planning to relocate.

In Puerto Rico, residents are still struggling to get gasoline to keep generators operating and other resources while President Trump has continued to lash out against critics of his efforts.

"It makes you want to cry when you to see it," one resident says about the stripped vegetation. But a scientist says it will recover relatively quickly: "It will be beautiful again."

A federal judge in Louisiana has ruled that Black Lives Matter is not a person, not a company and not a formal entity. And that means the social movement can't be sued.

NPR's Michel Martin discusses efforts to get power up and running on the island after Hurricane Maria, with Devon Streit, a deputy assistant secretary at the Department of Energy.

President Trump tweeted criticism of the mayor of San Juan, who has been critical of the federal government's response to the disaster since Hurricane Maria hit the island more than 10 days ago.




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