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A month after a Houston chemical plant flooded and caught fire, nearby residents are still under a health advisory. Multiple investigations are looking into what went wrong.

The Trump administration is expected to lower the annual cap on refugees to 45,000. Part of the White House's rationale is money, but economists say that's not the whole story.

The explosion of these cozy craft breweries has happened as states relax laws to allow them direct-to-consumer retail rights, meaning the majority of their revenue no longer has to come from food.

If Republicans and Democrats work together to solve a few critical challenges in the health insurance market, it will stabilize, says Kaiser Permanente Chairman and CEO Bernard Tyson.

Newly divorced and suffering from depression, author Haroon Moghul moved to Dubai for a while, hoping to find a reason to live. Strangely enough, sharing a laugh over his "fat" passport photo helped.

Panera's CEO has challenged other fast food CEOs to eat their kids menus for a week. He's trying to start a conversation about the nutrition in these meals.

President Trump says he'll visit the island next week, planning a Tuesday trip to survey the damage in an area he says was "literally destroyed."

The nation's organ transplant network is considering changing how livers are distributed. The goal is to make the system fairer, but critics worry patients in poorer rural areas could lose out.

One of the most drastic steps was a decision to adopt all new paper-backed voting machines before November after deciding that the paperless electronic equipment was vulnerable to attack.

Following riots and attacks in past years, residents of Urumqi, the capital of the western region, now live and work under intense surveillance, and are subject to detention after traveling abroad.




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