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NPR's Scott Simon talks with Donald Trump's former feng shui master Pun-Yin who worked with him on one of his New York hotels.

The main character in Emma Donoghue's new novel "The Wonder" is a little Irish girl who refuses to eat. She says she's been kept alive by "manna from heaven." NPR's Scott Simon speaks to the author.

A photo in Washington's new African-American history museum brings back a forgotten chapter of the civil rights era: the jailing in a Georgia stockade of young black girls who protested segregation.

San Francisco wants to give long-term residents of a historically African-American area preference in a lottery for new affordable units. Federal officials say that would violate fair housing laws.

The aim is to make clinical trial data available to volunteers and scientists, even if a drug or therapy being tested turns out to be a failure. That could help identify serious side effects.

The Erie Canal was once one of the country's most important trade routes. Some are questioning whether this historical relic is still worth the tens of millions of dollars needed to maintain it.

The Democratic vice presidential nominee said many Trump backers have "transitional anxiety" over societal and economic changes, but over time "you realize...these demographic changes aren't bad."

The immigrants rights organizer turned comedian won't impersonate his parents' Indian accents. For many people, he says, "immigrants are funny voices," and he's not interested in playing into that.

The surprising history of electronic toll collection can be traced back to the theremin, and a Russian spy program. It's still in use, even as toll booths are being eliminated.

Synthetic chemicals have been found in Colorado water supplies. The Pentagon is examining hundreds of military sites for possible contamination by PFCs, which have been linked to health problems.




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