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Turkey has taken in more Syrians than any other country, by far. But under a policy dating back to 1951, it doesn't offer asylum to refugees and expects them to be permanently resettled elsewhere.

After the EPA said it found wide variations in emissions from VW cars that use a "defeat device" to fool emissions tests, the company's stock tanked, its CEO quit, and it's setting aside billions of euros to fix 11 million cars. So who made the discovery that sent the German car giant into a tailspin? A group of scientists at West Virginia University.

Many of the scientists who amassed the Aleppo-based collection have left Syria, and accessing it has gotten difficult. They need their backups from the big Arctic vault so they can rebuild in Morocco.

China's president Xi Jinping arrives in Washington, D.C., for a two-day state visit. It comes as relations between the two countries are turbulent. Analysts say this will be President Obama's most difficult summit to date.

When a 23-year-old who has tried to kill himself visits family, he must mentally prepare to resist hurting himself with their guns, he says. Gun access can make suicidal impulses harder to fend off.

Personal rapid transit was supposed to be the future of public transport: lightweight pods on elevated tracks, on-demand destinations. But funding issues make cities reluctant to change course.

Congress members are also more religiously affiliated overall. "Maybe it's because we need the solid grounding and good guidance we get from above," one senator says.

Adams' 1989 recognizes a rock lineage born of a woman. He's not legitimizing Swift's work – he's figuring out how her voice can validate and include his.

In Atlanta's East Lake community, an organization called Purpose Built Communities is trying to make gentrification work for the residents who endured the tough times.

The high school football game is the center of life for many towns in rural America. One town in western North Dakota is celebrating the return of the ritual for the first time in more than 25 years.




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