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We take proactive measures to stop the spread of the flu — so, NPR's Michel Martin asks, why can't we combat gun violence the same way?

A federal appeals court struck down North Carolina's voter ID law. Law professor Rick Hasen explains why and what impact it will have.

While in Philadelphia for the DNC, Michel Martin visited a South Philly institution to taste a Philly classic: water ice (also called Italian ice). John's Water Ice has been open since 1945.

Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine are campaigning in Pennsylvania and Ohio, talking about the economy. But Donald Trump and the Khan family have dominated the media over the weekend.

None of the six officers facing charges in Freddie Gray's death were convicted. Law professor David Jaros talks about what happened and why police officer convictions are uncommon.

The Huffington Post's Ryan Grim, Politico's Susan Glasser, NPR's Mike Oreskes and David Brody of the Christian Broadcasting Network talk about accusations of media bias and how media cover politics.

Khizr Khan, a Muslim and father of a fallen American soldier, criticized Donald Trump at the Democratic National Convention. Trump responded by criticizing Khan's wife's silence.

If Rio goes well for her, Olympic shooter Kim Rhode could become the first person to medal in six consecutive Summer Games. But Rhode is looking beyond the personal accolades.

Baseball's Ichiro Suzuki is a few hits away from batting 3000. And football's Ezekiel Elliot is under investigation for domestic violence. Elise Hu talks with Mike Pesca of Slate's The Gist podcast.

This past week at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, NPR's Rachel Martin spoke with retired Marine Corps General John Allen, who offered his passionate support of Hillary Clinton.




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