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Canada is taking advantage of the Trump administration's attitude toward immigration to attract foreign tech companies and workers. But there are downsides to appearing open to immigration.

Arby's has "got the venison" now and is marketing these new sandwiches to hunters. But an organization of hunters, anglers and conservationists has beef with it.

As the tequila industry surges, the early harvesting and cloning of agave are disrupting the ecosystem of some species — leading some groups to go to bat for the hardworking nighttime pollinators.

A new high school in Washington, D.C., brings a radical approach to discipline — including allowing cursing by students. Should that behavior be tolerated? Or punished?

Racism affects health outcomes, a new report finds. NPR's Michel Martin speaks with Harvard professor David Williams about the issue.

For people living on a reservation that sits on the U.S.-Canada border, there are many struggles to overcome — including stereotypes and discrimination.

Since Superstorm Sandy, New York has rewritten its building code to make the city more resilient to flooding. But not everyone thinks it's wise to rebuild so close to the city's waterfront.

Since the Trump administration slashed outreach funds and shortened the enrollment period to sign up for Affordable Care Act plans, local groups struggle to get the word out to Latinos and others.

More than half of black Americans say they've experienced racial discrimination in hiring, promotions and pay, according to a new poll. For some, the answer is to become their own boss.

As the tied World Series is about to go into its third game, city police chiefs Charlie Beck of Los Angeles and Art Acevedo of Houston discuss the wager they have over the outcome of the series.




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