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Alabama's historically black Talladega College has accepted an invitation for its band to march in the parade which follows Donald Trump's inauguration. But the decision did not come easily.

In an interview with NPR's David Greene, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders criticized the Democratic Party for not listening to the needs of everyday Americans.

A poll finds that 75 percent wants Congress to either leave the law alone or wait to repeal it until they have a new law. For most people, controlling high health care costs is top priority.

They went on strike a month ago, asking for a raise and better training and equipment. So far the government hasn't met their demands.

Donald Trump has suggested he may give his daughter and son-in-law a role in his administration. A law bars presidents from hiring family, but a court ruled it doesn't apply to White House staff jobs.

From birth through age 30 or so, our ability to recognize faces keeps improving, research shows. At first, kids discern adult faces better than other kids' mugs. Not so after adolescence.

Apple says it has "been informed" that the app violated local regulations. It's the latest in a long history of media restrictions in China, but also of tech companies getting involved in the efforts.

Republicans have embraced many of Trump's stances on key issues like trade and the deficit. On Russia, however, they couldn't be more divided.

A different way of providing counseling is being tested in India. It turns out it was tested — but abandoned — in the U.S. decades ago.

In some cases, the 2008 campaign was their first venture into politics; for many, it hasn't been their last.




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