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The people of Haiti are casting votes for president in the first round of elections for a new leader, as well as a host of other nationwide positions. Reporter Peter Granitz details the scene.

There have been more than 50 school shootings this year. Two people who train teachers to reach out to children at risk for committing violence share what's worked and what precautions they've taken.

The Unicode Consortium decides which emojis live or die. As they prepare to release the next batch of emojis, we ask the emoji gatekeeper's president about the approval process.

Is the drama over the House Speakership over now that Paul Ryan appears to have widespread support? NPR's Rachel Martin speaks to Reihan Salam of National Review about whether Ryan can rule.

Canada's new Liberal government is expected to chart a different foreign policy course. NPR's Rachel Martin asks Colin Robertson of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute what this means for the U.S.

The Obama Administration has a plan to limit the number of standardized tests that children take. NPR's Rachel Martin speaks to correspondent Anya Kamenetz about what changes the efforts might bring.

A three-week gathering of Catholic prelates from around the globe ends after what many say was the most contentious gathering of archbishops in decades.

After restaurateur Danny Meyer said he's phasing out tipping at his establishments, others are asking: Is it time to get rid of tipping? One food writer weighs in.

How are great teachers created? Practice, practice, practice, says Deborah Ball, dean of the University of Michigan School of Education.

Secretary of State John Kerry has helped forge an agreement between Israel and Jordan, in an effort to defuse violence between Israelis and Palestinians over the past few weeks.




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