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After Michael Brown's shooting, a group was tasked with investigating the region's inequalities. Their report points to deep racial and economic tensions, and calls for sweeping policy changes.

Budapest's medical school attracts students from all over the world. Many return to their countries of origin to practice medicine. Some graduates have come back to Budapest now to care for refugees.

Of 1.2 million outstanding arrest warrants in New York City, most are for minor offenses like drinking in public. Brooklyn's district attorney is trying to clear that backlog — and clean some slates.

The country is sending troops to its border with Serbia, in an effort to stop the flow of migrants and refugees trying to cross into Europe.

Attitudes in France toward migrants have softened recently, and many of the new arrivals say accommodations have been better than expected. Still, the adjustment to a new country will be a challenge.

Among the first firefighters at eastern Washington wildfires this summer was a crew of juveniles inmates. But after one teenager escaped last month, the program is now under review.

Grime and gaudy shop signs obscure much of downtown Cairo's ornate and varied architecture. The city is undergoing a major wash to uncover that beauty, but at the cost of some residents' livelihoods.

Europe's Catholics have been asked to help migrants fleeing the Middle East. NPR's Rachel Martin speaks to correspondent Lauren Frayer about clerics in Hungary, who have rejected the pope's call.

In symbolic hope for a sweet new year, many Jews will mark the start of Rosh Hashanah with honey cake. The cake is sentimental, but not always beloved. Here, a delectable update to the ancient recipe.

Parents know that sometimes their children just aren't ready. Experts say it's crucial for families to check out what mental health services a college offers.




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